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  • Tū Māori Ake: Seeking which is above.

    Maxwell, Te Kahautu (2015-02-03)
    Te Waka Āwhina 2015 Seeking that which is above Kaupapa - Philosophy o Aotearoa “Tū Māori ake” E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā karangatanga, nei rā te powhiri ki a koutou katoa ‘MĀ TE MĀORI, MŌ TE MĀORI’ Te Waka Āwhina o ...
  • Tū te turuturu nō Hine-te-iwaiwa: Mana wahine geographies of birth in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Simmonds, Naomi Beth (University of Waikato, 2014)
    This thesis examines the embodied, spiritual and spatial experiences of maternity for Māori women. It reveals how colonial and patriarchal discourses are embedded and embodied in the spaces of childbirth in Aotearoa New ...
  • Tū Te Turuturu Nō Hineteiwaiwa - Maintaining Cultural Integrity in the Teaching of Māori Weaving

    Turi-Tiakitai, John Reid (University of Waikato, 2015)
    “He whatu kōrero mō te whatu He whiriwhiri kōrero mō te whiri He rangaranga kōrero mō te raranga” Despite the development and teaching of an increasing number of Māori focused tertiary programmes, many kaumatua remain ...
  • Tūhoe on the move: Regional mobility

    Guerin, Pauline; Nikora, Linda Waimarie; Rua, Mohi (Population Association of New Zealand, 2006)
    Academic interest in geographic mobility of indigenous peoples has increased in recent years with a corresponding growth in the literature relating to Māori mobility more specifically. With this greater acknowledgement of ...
  • "Twenty percent free!": So how much does the original bar weigh?

    Hāwera, Ngārewa; Merilyn, Taylor (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, 2011)
    Ngarewa Hawera and Merilyn Taylor describe a rich task based on a real world situation that stimulated a great deal of mathematical reasoning. Their research on how students attempted the task is most revealing.
  • Twitter in education

    Wright, Noeline; Forbes, Dianne Leslie (SAGE Publications (UK and US), 2016)
    This special issue of e-Learning and Digital Media arose from a chance discussion at lunch one day, when one of us mentioned to the outgoing editors of this journal that she had just managed to connect with someone from ...
  • Twittering in teacher education: reflecting on practicum experiences

    Wright, Noeline (Routledge, 2010)
    Microblogging as a form of expression has gained momentum recently: a widely popular version is Twitter, which began by asking 'What are you doing?' While posts responding to this question were often inane and ephemeral, ...
  • Two complexes containing 19-atom chains linking metal centres

    Bruce, Michael I.; Nicholson, Brian K.; Zaitseva, Natasha N. (Elsevier, 2009)
    The first example of a complex containing a C₁₉ chain, {Co₃(μ-dppm)(CO)₇}{μ₃-C(C≡C)₉}{W(CO)₃Cp}, has been prepared in 22% yield from the Pd(0) / Cu(I)-catalysed reaction between I(C≡C)₃I, W{C≡CC≡CAu(PPh₃)}(CO)₃Cp and ...
  • Two computer-based learning environments for reading and writing narratives

    Mayo, Michael (AACE, 2004)
    In this brief paper, two computer-based educational tools are described. They are designed to support children learning the literacy skills of narrative comprehension and creation. We give an overview of these tools, and ...
  • Two daddy tigers and a baby tiger: Promoting understandings about same gender parented families using picture books.

    Kelly, Janette (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    There is a small body of work examining how picture books can be used with young children and their families to develop understandings of contemporary issues including diversity and practices towards inclusion. This article ...
  • Two faiths, one banner: when Muslims marched with Christians across Europe’s battlegrounds [Book review]

    Pratt, Douglas (2010-10)
    This article reviews the book “Two faiths, one banner: when Muslims marched with Christians across Europe’s battlegrounds”, by Ian Almond.
  • Two novels by Herman Hesse: Demian and Der Steppenwolf

    Douglas, Donald Brett (University of Waikato, 1977)
    As the section of this study devoted to Der Steppenwolf will demonstrate , much secondary literature treating Hermann Hesse has confined itself to an uncritical, frequently adulatory discussion of his oeuvre , many articles ...
  • Two phase aqueous extraction of whey proteins in a polyethylene glycol - arabinogalactan system

    Ng, Timothy; Lay, Mark C.; Swan, Janis E. (2014)
    The whey protein separation potential of aqueous two-phase systems of arabinogalactan [AG] (Lonza FiberAidTM) and polyethylene glycol [PEG], buffered with 10 mmol/g phosphate or citrate buffer, was studied. 100 mmol/g ...
  • Two Roycroft brothers and two of their brothers-in-law, all miners at Te Aroha

    Hart, Philip (Historical Research Unit, University of Waikato, 2016)
    James and William Roycroft commenced their mining careers at Thames, where they were notable athletes, especially James. But James also became notable for being accused of theft, violence, and excessive drinking. Both men ...
  • The two versions of Erasmus's apologia de in principio erat sermo and the role of Edward Lee

    Drysdall, Denis (Brill, 2012)
    There has been some discussion about Erasmus's intention in using the word sermo instead of verbum to translate λόγος in the first verse of the gospel of St John, and it is well known that he wrote two versions of his ...
  • A two-component phenomenology for homogeneous magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

    Oughton, Sean; Dmitruk, Pablo; Matthaeus, William H. (American Institute of Physics, 2006-04-21)
    A one-point closure model for energy decay in three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence is developed. The model allows for influence of a large-scale magnetic field that may be of strength sufficient to induce ...
  • A two-component phenomenology for the evolution of MHD turbulence

    Oughton, Sean; Dmitruk, Pablo; Matthaeus, William H. (Published on CD ROM, 2005)
    Incompressible MHD turbulence with a mean magnetic field B₀ develops anisotropic spectral structure and can be simply described only by including at least two distinct fluctuation components. These are conveniently referred ...
  • A two-component transport model for solar wind fluctuations: Waves plus quasi-2D turbulence

    Oughton, Sean; Matthaeus, William H.; Smith, Charles W.; Breech, Ben (AIP, Melville, New York, 2010)
    We present a model for the transport of solar wind fluctuations, based on the assumption that they can be well-represented using two distinct components: a quasi-2D turbulence piece and a wave-like piece. For each component, ...
  • A two-level learning method for generalized multi-instance problems

    Weidmann, Nils; Frank, Eibe; Pfahringer, Bernhard (Springer, Berlin, 2003)
    In traditional multi-instance (MI) learning, a single positive instance in a bag produces a positive class label. Hence, the learner knows how the bags class label depends on the labels of the instances in the bag and can ...
  • Two-phase growth of high topography in eastern Tibet during the Cenozoic

    Wang, E.; Kirby, E.; Furlong, Kevin P.; van Soest, M.; Xu, Ganquing; Shi, X; Kamp, Peter J.J.; Hodges, K.V. (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
    High topography in eastern Tibet is thought to have formed when deep crust beneath the central Tibetan Plateau flowed towards the plateau margin, causing crustal thickening and surface uplift(1,2). Rapid exhumation starting ...