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  • Assessment in senior outdoor education: A catalyst for change?

    Cosgriff, Marg; Gillespie, Lorna B. (Outdoors New Zealand, 2011)
    In recent times issues of sustainability and place, and human connectedness and care for outdoor environments, have been the subject of increasing professional dialogue in outdoor education in Aotearoa New Zealand. Attention ...
  • Gender and the Outdoors: An International Conversation

    Pinch, Katherine J.; Breunig, Mary; Cosgriff, Marg; Dignan, Annie (Outdoors New Zealand, 2008)
    Over the past two to three decades in outdoor education circles, there has been a gradual swell of interest in bringing a gender lens to the examination of issues, theory and practice within the field. Although feminist ...
  • Health invaders in New Zealand primary schools

    Burrows, Lisette; Petrie, Kirsten Culhane; Cosgriff, Marg (Wilf Malcolm Institue of Educational Research, UoW, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2015)
    Escalating concern over childhood obesity rates, children’s eating habits and their physical activity regimes has fuelled the development of multiple health policies and resources. Many of these are reaching into primary ...
  • Learning from leisure: Developing nature connectedness in outdoor education

    Cosgriff, Marg (Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 2011)
    The “greening” of outdoor education has received increasing attention from educators in Aotearoa-New Zealand and internationally. Given contemporary global concerns about the scale of environmental issues and the associated ...
  • Outdoor learning in Aotearoa New Zealand: voices past, present, and future

    Cosgriff, Marg; Legge, Maureen; Brown, Mike; Boyes, Mike; Zink, Robyn; Irwin, Dave (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    Many of the principles and practices that have influenced outdoor education in Aotearoa New Zealand find their genesis in the United Kingdom and North America. In recent times, many of these foundational assumptions have ...

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