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  • Abundance and diversity of epibenthic amphipods (Crustacea) from contrasting bathyal habitats

    Knox, Matthew Andrew; Hogg, Ian D.; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Nodder, Scott D. (Elsevier, 2012-04)
    To investigate relationships between epibenthic macrofauna and bathyal habitat characteristics, we examined the abundance, diversity and community composition of amphipod crustaceans relative to environmental variables on ...
  • Allozyme and mitochondrial DNA variability within the New Zealand damselfly genera Xanthocnemis, Austrolestes, and Ischnura (Odonata)

    Nolan, Liam; Hogg, Ian D.; Sutherland, Darin Lee; Stevens, Mark I.; Schnabel, Kareen E. (R S N Z Publishing, 2007)
    We collected larval damselflies from 17 sites in the North, South and Chatham Islands, and tested the hypotheses that: (1) genetic markers (e.g., allozymes, mtDNA) would successfully ¬discriminate taxa; and (2) the dispersal ...
  • Biodiversity inventories in high gear: DNA barcoding facilitates a rapid biotic survey of a temperate nature reserve

    Telfer, A; Young, M; Quinn, J; Perez, K; Sobel, C; Sones, J; Levesque-Beaudin, V; Derbyshire, R; Fernandez-Triana, J; Rougerie, R; Thevanayagam, A; Boskovic, A; Borisenko, A; Cadel, A; Brown, A; Pages, A; Castillo, A; Nicolai, A; Glenn Mockford, BM; Bukowski, B; Wilson, B; Trojahn, B; Lacroix, CA; Brimblecombe, C; Hay, C; Ho, C; Steinke, C; Warne, C; Garrido Cortes, C; Engelking, D; Wright, D; Lijtmaer, D; Gascoigne, D; Hernandez Martich, D; Morningstar, D; Neumann, D; Steinke, D; Marco DeBruin, DD; Dobias, D; Sears, E; Richard, E; Damstra, E; Zakharov, E; Laberge, F; Collins, G; Blagoev, G; Grainge, G; Ansell, G; Meredith, G; Hogg, Ian D.; McKeown, J; Topan, J; Bracey, J; Guenther, J; Sills-Gilligan, J; Addesi, J; Persi, J; Layton, K; D'Souza, K; Dorji, K; Grundy, K; Nghidinwa, K; Ronnenberg, K; Lee, KM; Xie, L; Lu, L; Penev, L; Gonzalez, M; Rosati, M; Kekkonen, M; Kuzmina, M; Iskandar, M; Mutanen, M; Fatahi, M; Pentinsaari, M; Bauman, M; Nikolova, N; Ivanova, N; Jones, N; Weerasuriya, N; Monkhouse, N; Lavinia, P; Jannetta, P; Hanisch, P; McMullin, RT; Ojeda Flores, R; Mouttet, R; Vender, R; Labbee, R; Forsyth, R; Lauder, R; Dickson, R; Kroft, R; Miller, S; MacDonald, S; Panthi, S; Pedersen, S; Sobek-Swant, S; Naik, S; Lipinskaya, T; Eagalle, T; Decaëns, T; Kosuth, T; Braukmann, T; Woodcock, T; Roslin, T; Zammit, T; Campbell, V; Dinca, V; Peneva, V; Hebert, P; deWaard, J (2015-08-30)
    Comprehensive biotic surveys, or ‘all taxon biodiversity inventories’ (ATBI), have traditionally been limited in scale or scope due to the complications surrounding specimen sorting and species identification. To circumvent ...
  • Biological identification of springtails (Hexapoda: Collembola) from the Canadian Arctic, using mitochondrial DNA barcodes

    Hogg, Ian D.; Hebert, Paul D.N. (NRC Research Press, 2004-05)
    We evaluated sequence diversity in the mitochondrial cytochrome-c oxidase I (COI; EC gene as a tool for resolving differences among species of Arctic springtails. The Collembola examined in this analysis were ...
  • Comparison of the efficiency of three methods of isolating fish DNA from environmental samples

    Banks, Jonathan C.; Watson, Nathan; Hogg, Ian D. (Environmental Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Waikato, 2014)
    The Lake Ecosystem Restoration New Zealand (LERNZ) project was initiated to restore indigenous biodiversity in lakes in part by developing new pest fish management and control technologies. One objective of the management ...

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