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  • Captured voices in primary school art education.

    Price, Graham (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2007)
    Eisner (1972) articulated a long-standing orientation in art education as he described the triadic relationship between socio-centric, child-centred and discipline-centred approaches in art education praxis. Hickman (2005) ...
  • Examining and disrupting rituals of practice in the primary classroom

    Fraser, Deborah; Henderson, Clare L.; Price, Graham; Aitken, Vivienne Jane; Cheesman, Sue; Bevege, Fiona; Klemick, Amanda; Rose, Lisa; Tyson, Shirley (Routledge, 2009)
    Much of what happens in primary classrooms reflects a number of rituals and routines that have largely become an unconscious part of teachers' repertoires. While these 'rituals of practice' provide a framework or structure ...
  • Exploring children's development of ideas in music and dance

    Henderson, Clare L.; Fraser, Deborah; Price, Graham (University of Melbourne, 2007)
    Eisner maintains that the Arts education community needs ‘empirically grounded examples of artistic thinking related to the nature of the tasks students engage in, the material with which they work, the context’s norms and ...
  • Interactive group activity: a socially mediated tool for opening an interpretive space in classroom research

    Whyte, Barbara; Fraser, Deborah; Aitken, Vivienne Jane; Price, Graham (Routledge, 2012)
    An ongoing challenge in classroom research is to understand children’s perspectives on their learning. While learning is highly individual, it is also significantly social and this raises methodological challenges. An ...
  • Learning as a shared social endeavour

    Fraser, Deborah; Price, Graham (Melbourne Graduate School of Education, 2011)
    Despite the legacy of progressive education, current trends in western schooling favour an emphasis on individual achievement and external standards. Much of what happens in primary classrooms is embedded in social contexts ...

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