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  • Evaluation of the mechanical properties of powder metallurgy Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy

    Bolzoni, Leandro; Ruiz-Navas, Elisa María; Gordo, Elena (2017-03)
    Titanium and its alloys are common biomedical materials owing to their combination of mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. Powder metallurgy (PM) techniques can be used to fabricate biomaterials ...
  • Modification of sintered titanium alloys by hot isostatic pressing

    Bolzoni, Leandro; Ruiz-Navas, Elisa María; Zhang, Deliang; Gordo, Elena (Trans Tech Publications, 2012)
    Powder metallurgy (PM) permits to obtain titanium alloys with properties and microstructures close to ingot metallurgy products. However, residual porosity is normally present in the products produced by the PM route of ...
  • Understanding the properties of low-cost iron-containing powder metallurgy titanium alloys

    Bolzoni, Leandro; Ruiz-Navas, Elisa María; Gordo, Elena (2016-11-15)
    The high production costs of titanium in comparison to other structural metals is the main limiting factor for the wide employment of titanium. Cost reduction can be addressed considering creative fabrication methods and/or ...

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