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  • Does increasing national happiness require decreasing freedom or determining social values?

    Weijers, Dan M. (2017)
    Some academics and policymakers have argued that happiness (or subjective well‐being) should be used as a goal for public policy. An important criticism of policy‐based attempts to increase happiness is that they will ...
  • The International Journal of Wellbeing: An open access success story

    Weijers, Dan M.; Jarden, Aaron (Ubiquity Press, 2017)
    Academics have long had the advantage of access to university libraries and their expensive subscriptions to scholarly journals. Critics of traditional journal publishing have complained that placing science and scholarship ...
  • Living standards, well-being, and public policy

    Weijers, Dan M.; Mukherjee, Udayan (The New Zealand Treasury, 2016)
    It has been five years since the publication of the Treasury paper that first set out its Living Standards Framework (LSF) (Treasury 2011). Since then, the LSF has become an increasingly central part of Treasury’s strategic ...
  • Privileging our future hedonic states

    Weijers, Dan M. (2016)
    As Parfit famously claims in Reasons and Persons, we would prefer to hear that our painful surgery is 5 hours long and finished than that it is 1 hour long and about to start. If true, this claim means that our judgments ...
  • Western historical traditions of well-being

    Michalos, Alex C.; Weijers, Dan M. (Springer International Publishing, 2017-01-09)
    This chapter provides a brief historical overview of Western philosophical views about well-being from the eighth century before the Common Era to the middle of the twentieth century. We explain different understandings ...

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