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  • Origins and development of the lakes

    Lowe, David J.; Green, J.D. (New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1987)
    Because of a turbulent and complex recent geological history, New Zealand has an impressively diverse and dynamic landscape, and a correspondingly wide array of lake types, within a small land area (Irwin 1975a; Soons & ...
  • Invertebrate food supplies and diet of blue duck on rivers in two regions of the North Island, New Zealand

    Collier, Kevin J. (New Zealand Ecological Society, 1991)
    Benthic invertebrates and samples of blue duck faeces were collected in September 1988 from sites along Manganuiateao River, central North Island, and in November 1988 from seven rivers and streams on the East Cape. The ...
  • A general model for temperatures of heterogeneous nucleation of supercooled water droplets

    Bardsley, W. Earl; Khatep, M.M. (American Meteorological Society, 1984)
    Asymptotic extreme-value theory is used as the basis of a stochastic model which predicts aspects of the freezing behavior of supercooled water droplets. The model gives a general theoretical base to an earlier empirical ...
  • Sticky trapping of adult mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies alongside three contrasting streams near Hamilton, New Zealand

    Collier, Kevin J.; Smith, Brian J. (New Zealand Natural Sciences / University of Canterbury, 1995)
    Sticky traps were used to catch adult mayflies (Ephemeroptera), stoneflies (Plecoptera) and caddisflies (Trichoptera) alongside three second order streams bordered by pines (Pinus radiata), willow (Salix sp.) or native ...
  • Water vapor transfer over the Southwest Pacific: Mean patterns and variations during wet and dry periods

    Khatep, M.M.; Fitzharris, B.B.; Bardsley, W. Earl (American Meteorological Society, 1984)
    The mean water vapor transfer of the Southwest Pacific, as determined from radiosonde records near the 170°E meridional transect, is computed for the 1960–73 period. Emphasis is placed on defining average patterns, then ...
  • Temperature and plant genotype alter alkaloid concentrations in ryegrass infected with an epichloё endophyte and this affects an insect herbivore.

    Henessey, Louise M.; Popay, Alison J.; Finch, Sarah C.; Clearwater, Michael J.; Cave, Vanessa M. (Frontiers Media, 2016)
    Asexual Epichloё endophytes colonise agricultural forage grasses in a relationship which is mutually beneficial and provides the host plant with protection against herbivorous insects. The endophyte strain AR37 (Epichloё ...
  • Water loading: a neglected factor in the analysis of piezometric time series from confined aquifers (Note)

    Bardsley, W. Earl; Campbell, David I. (The New Zealand Hydrological Society, 1995)
    Seasonal changes in the volume of near-surface water cause synchronous changes in the piezometric head of any deeper confined aquifer exhibiting a barometric response. Such loading-induced head changes occur independently ...
  • Soil classification in Australia – an outsider’s view

    Lowe, David J. (Soil Science Australia, 1992)
    Soil classification has many purposes, the main ones being to organize knowledge, to bring out relationships among the objects classified, to facilitate communication, and to provide a framework for soil management practices ...
  • High-resolution radiocarbon chronologies and synchronization of records

    Hajdas, Irka; Lowe, David L.; Newnham, Rewi M. (Swiss and US National Science Foundations, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2006)
    It is now accepted that the precise dating of certain periods is complicated by extreme variability of atmospheric ¹⁴C content shown at times in the ¹⁴C calibration curve. This complication arises from variations in ...
  • Restoration planting in urban environments

    Clarkson, Bruce D.; Bylsma, Rebecca Johanna (Journal of the Indigenous Forest Section of the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association, 2016)
    Since the year 2000 we have been involved in numerous restoration planting projects in urban environments. Our work has focussed mainly on sites within the city of Hamilton, but we have also been involved with projects in ...
  • Provisional chronology of a late Quaternary core from Lake Waikare, North Island, New Zealand

    Lowe, David J.; Hogg, Alan G. (1992)
    Lake Waikare is a shallow ( < 2 m), 34. 4 km² riverine lake near Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand (175° 12' S, 37° 24'E). Ac. 12.5 m long (corrected depth) sediment core taken from the lake in 1990 comprises mainly ...
  • Dynamics of silicon in lakes of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, and implications for diatom growth

    Pearson, Lisa K.; Hendy, Chris H.; Hamilton, David P. (Freshwater Biological Assn, 2016)
    Intact sediment cores were taken from the deepest basins of 9 lakes in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, to investigate the factors controlling silicon (Si) concentrations in sediment pore waters and the flux of Si to ...
  • Does Hsp60 provide a link between mitochondrial stress and inflammation in Diabetes Mellitus?

    Juwono, Joshua; Martinus, Ryan Dennis (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2016)
    The focus of this review is to summarise the known relationships between the expression of Heat Shock Protein 60 (Hsp60) and its association with the pathogenesis of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Hsp60 is a mitochondrial ...
  • Aerobiology Over Antarctica - A New Initiative for Atmospheric Ecology

    Pearce, David A.; Alekhina, Irina A.; Terauds, Aleks; Wilmotte, Annick; Quesada, Antonio; Edwards, Arwyn; Dommergue, Aurelien; Sattler, Birgit; Adams, Byron J.; Magalhaes, Catarina; Chu, Wan-Loy; Lau, Maggie C.Y.; Cary, S. Craig; Smith, David J.; Wall, Diana H.; Eguren, Gabriela; Matcher, Gwynneth; Bradley, James A.; de Vera, Jean-Pierre; Elster, Josef; Hughes, Kevin A.; Cuthbertson, Lewis; Benning, Liane G.; Gunde-Cimerman, Nina; Convey, Peter; Hong, Soon Gyu; Pointing, Steve B.; Pellizari, Vivian H.; Vincent, Warwick F. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2016-02-16)
    The role of aerial dispersal in shaping patterns of biodiversity remains poorly understood, mainly due to a lack of coordinated efforts in gathering data at appropriate temporal and spatial scales. It has been long known ...
  • Hamilton Fault Research

    de Lange, Willem P.; Moon, Vicki G. (2016-06-22)
    Summary of progress on research into hidden faults within the Hamilton Basin
  • Diel surface temperature range scales with lake size

    Woolway, R. Iestyn; Jones, Ian D.; Maberly, Stephen C.; French, Jon R.; Livingstone, David M.; Monteith, Donald T.; Simpson, Gavin L.; Thackeray, Stephen J.; Andersen, Mikkel R.; Battarbee, Richard W.; Degasperi, Curtis L.; Evans, Christopher D.; de Eyto, Elvira; Feuchtmayr, Heidrun; Hamilton, David P.; Kernan, Martin; Krokowski, Jan; Rimmer, Alon; Rose, Kevin C.; Rusak, James A.; Ryves, David B.; Scott, Daniel R.; Shilland, Ewan M.; Smyth, Robyn L.; Staehr, Peter A.; Thomas, Rhian; Waldron, Susan; Weyhenmeyer, Gesa A. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
    Ecological and biogeochemical processes in lakes are strongly dependent upon water temperature. Long-term surface warming of many lakes is unequivocal, but little is known about the comparative magnitude of temperature ...
  • Trends and abrupt changes in 104 years of ice cover and water temperature in a dimictic lake in response to air temperature, wind speed, and water clarity drivers

    Magee, Madeline R.; Wu, Chin H.; Robertson, Dale M.; Lathrop, Richard C.; Hamilton, David P. (Copernicus Publications, 2016)
    The one-dimensional hydrodynamic ice model, DYRESM-WQ-I, was modified to simulate ice cover and thermal structure of dimictic Lake Mendota, Wisconsin, USA, over a continuous 104-year period (1911-2014). The model results ...
  • Rapid and highly variable warming of lake surface waters around the globe

    O'Reilly, Catherine M.; Sharma, Sapna; Gray, Derek K.; Hampton, Stephanie E.; Read, Jordan S.; Rowley, Rex J.; Schneider, Philipp; Lenters, John D.; McIntyre, Peter B.; Kraemer, Benjamin M.; Weyhenmeyer, Gesa A.; Straile, Dietmar; Dong, Bo; Adrian, Rita; Allan, Mathew G.; Anneville, Orlane; Arvola, Lauri; Austin, Jay; Bailey, John L.; Baron, Jill S.; Brookes, Justin D.; De Eyto, Elvira; Dokulil, Martin T.; Hamilton, David P.; Havens, Karl; Hetherington, Amy L.; Higgins, Scott N.; Hook, Simon; Izmest'Eva, Lyubov R.; Joehnk, Klaus D.; Kangur, Kulli; Kasprzak, Peter; Kumagai, Michio; Kuusisto, Esko; Leshkevich, George; Livingstone, David M.; MacIntyre, Sally; May, Linda; Melack, John M.; Mueller-Navarra, Doerthe C.; Naumenko, Mikhail; Noges, Peeter; Noges, Tiina; North, Ryan P.; Plisnier, Pierre-Denis; Rigosi, Anna; Rimmer, Alon; Rogora, Michela; Rudstam, Lars G.; Rusak, James A.; Salmaso, Nico; Samal, Nihar R.; Schindler, Daniel E.; Schladow, S. Geoffrey; Schmid, Martin; Schmidt, Silke R.; Silow, Eugene; Soylu, M. Evren; Teubner, Katrin; Verburg, Piet; Voutilainen, Ari; Watkinson, Andrew; Williamson, Craig E.; Zhang, Guoqing (American Geophysical Union, 2015)
    In this first worldwide synthesis of in situ and satellite-derived lake data, we find that lake summer surface water temperatures rose rapidly (global mean = 0.34°C decade-1) between 1985 and 2009. Our analyses show that ...
  • Anomalous mid-twentieth century atmospheric circulation change over the South Atlantic compared to the last 6000 years

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Jones, Richard T.; Lister, David; Jones, Phil; Williams, Alan N.; Hogg, Alan G.; Thomas, Zoë A.; Compo, Gibert P.; Yin, Xungang; Fogwill, Christopher J.; Palmer, Jonathan; Colwell, Steve; Allan, Rob; Visbeck, Martin (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2016)
    Determining the timing and impact of anthropogenic climate change in data-sparse regions is a considerable challenge. Arguably, nowhere is this more difficult than the Antarctic Peninsula and the subantarctic South Atlantic ...
  • Lake-floor sediment texture and composition of a hydrothermally-active, volcanic lake, Lake Rotomahana

    Pittari, Adrian; Muir, S.L.; Hendy, Chris H. (Elsevier, 2016)
    Young volcanic lakes undergo a transition from rapid, post-eruptive accumulation of volcaniclastic sediment to slower pelagic settling under stable lake conditions, and may also be influenced by sublacustrine hydrothermal ...

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