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  • The Hermite normal form for certain rank-1 circulant and skew-circulant lattice rules

    Joe, Stephen (Elsevier, 2016)
    Characterisations are provided of the Hermite normal form of certain integer circulant and skew-circulant matrices. These matrices are associated with rank-1 circulant and skew-circulant lattice rules. Previous computer ...
  • Design and the fourth industrial revolution

    Garcia Ferrari, Tomás (European Academy of Design, 2017)
    The nature of design has always been related to socio-technological forces. In the twentieth century, the first and second orders of design were central in the establishment of graphic and industrial design. In the early ...
  • Corrigendum: A conjecture of De Koninck regarding particular values of the sum of divisors function

    Broughan, Kevin A.; Delbourgo, Daniel (Elsevier, 2017)
    The proof of Lemma 7 of [1]is made complete by giving the proof of a missing Case (4). This omission was pointed out to the authors by Min Tang, to whom we are most grateful. The same definitions and notation are employed ...
  • Measuring what matters: metrics, incentives and openness

    Nichols, David M.; Twidale, Michael B. (2017-06-20)
    Invited Webinar for the Australasian Open Access Strategy Group (AOASG)
  • I am Supernova

    Soo, Chin-En Keith (Domus Argenia Publisher, 2016)
    “I am supernova” is an artistic visualisation of the “The Big Five Personality Test”. The test explores personality of participant with the highly respected Five Factor model (AKA the Big Five). The test result will provide ...
  • Using machine learning techniques to track individuals & their fitness activities

    Reichherzer, Thomas; Timm, Mikayla; Earley, Nathan; Reyes, Nathaniel; Kumar, Vimal (ISCA, 2017)
    The use of wearable devices for fitness and health tracking is on an upward curve with a range of devices now available from a number of manufacturers. The devices work with smart devices to exchange data via Bluetooth ...
  • Reasoning about interactive systems in dynamic situations of use

    Bowen, Judy; Hinze, Annika (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
    Interactive software, systems and devices are typically designed for a specific (set of) purpose(s) and the design process used ensures that they will perform satisfactorily when used as specified. In many cases, users ...
  • Topics of formal methods in HCI

    Bowen, Judy; Dix, Alan; Palanque, Palanque; Weyers, Benjamin (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
    In this chapter, we present an overview of some of the general themes and topics that can be seen in research into formal methods in human–computer interaction. We discuss how the contents of the rest of the book relate ...
  • Reduced MHD in Astrophysical Applications: Two-dimensional or Three-dimensional?

    Oughton, Sean; Matthaeus, William H.; Dmitruk, Pablo (American Astronomical Society, 2017-04-10)
    Originally proposed as an efficient approach to computation of nonlinear dynamics in tokamak fusion research devices, reduced magnetohydrodynamics (RMHD) has subsequently found application in studies of coronal heating, ...
  • Bi-level document image compression using layout information

    Inglis, Stuart J.; Witten, Ian H. (IEEE, 1996)
    Most bi-level images stored on computers today comprise scanned text, and are stored using generic bi-level image technology based either on classical run-length coding, such as the CCITT Group 4 method, or on modern schemes ...
  • Foreword: Special issue for the Journal Track of the 8th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2016)

    Durrant, Robert J.; Kim, Kee-Eung; Holmes, Geoffrey; Marsland, Stephen; Sugiyama, Masashi; Zhou, Zhi-Hua (Springer, 2017)
    We, the guest editors, welcome you to this special issue of Machine Learning comprising papers accepted to the journal track of the 8th Asian conference on machine learning (ACML 2016), held at the University of Waikato, ...
  • Combining models for interactive system modelling

    Bowen, Judy; Reeves, Steve (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
    Our approach for modelling interactive systems has been to develop models for the interface and interaction which are lightweight but with an underlying formal semantics. Combined with traditional formal methods to describe ...
  • On the Distances between Latin Squares and the Smallest Defining Set Size

    Cavenagh, Nicholas; Ramadurai, Reshma (Wiley, 2017-04-01)
    In this note, we show that for each Latin square L of order n≥2 , there exists a Latin square L’≠L of order n such that L and L’ differ in at most 8√n cells. Equivalently, each Latin square of order n contains a Latin ...
  • Static techniques for reducing memory usage in the C implementation of Whiley programs

    Weng, Min-Hsien; Pfahringer, Bernhard; Utting, Mark (ACM, 2017)
    Languages that use call-by-value semantics, such as Whiley, can make program verification easier. But effcient implementation becomes harder, due to the overhead of copying and garbage collection. This paper describes how ...
  • Malware Propagation and Prevention Model for Time-Varying Community Networks within Software Defined Networks

    Liu, Lan; Ko, Ryan K.L.; Ren, Guangming; Xu, Xiaoping (Hindawi, 2017)
    As the adoption of Software Defined Networks (SDNs) grows, the security of SDN still has several unaddressed limitations. A key network security research area is in the study of malware propagation across the SDN-enabled ...
  • Sunspot and Starspot lifetimes in a turbulent erosion model

    Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Wheatland, M.S. (2017)
    Quantitative models of sunspot and starspot decay predict the timescale of magnetic diffusion and may yield important constraints in stellar dynamo models. Motivated by recent measurements of starspot lifetimes, we investigate ...
  • Analytical description of nonlinear acoustic waves in the solar chromosphere

    Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Chae, Jongchul (2017)
    Vertical propagation of acoustic waves of finite amplitude in an isothermal, gravitationally stratified atmosphere is considered. Methods. Methods of nonlinear acoustics are used to derive a dispersive solution, which is ...
  • Introduction: Special Issue of Selected Papers from ACML 2015

    Holmes, Geoffrey; Liu, Tie-Yan; Li, Hang; King, Irwin; Sugiyama, Masashi; Zhou, Zhi-Hua (2017)
    We are delighted to present this special issue of Machine Learning Journal with selected papers from the Seventh Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2015) held in Hong Kong, from 20 to 22 November 2015. ACML aims ...
  • Using loops observed in Traceroute to infer the ability to Spoof

    Lone, Qasim; Luckie, Matthew John; Korczyński, Maciej; van Eeten, Michel (Springer, 2017)
    Despite source IP address spoofing being a known vulnerability for at least 25 years, and despite many efforts to shed light on the problem, spoofing remains a popular attack method for redirection, amplification, and ...
  • Bôcher and Abstract Contractions of 2nd Order Quadratic Algebras

    Escobar Ruiz, Mauricio A.; Kalnins, Ernest G.; Miller, W., Jr.; Subag, Eyal (Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, 2017)
    Quadratic algebras are generalizations of Lie algebras which include the symmetry algebras of 2nd order superintegrable systems in 2 dimensions as special cases. The superintegrable systems are exactly solvable physical ...

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