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  • Use of mobile apps for teaching and research - implications for digital literacy

    Hinze, Annika; Vanderschantz, Nicholas; Timpany, Claire; Saravani, Sarah-Jane; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Wilkinson, Clive (Springer, 2017)
    This paper reports on the results of an online survey about mobile application (app) use for academic purposes, i.e. teaching and research, by Higher Degree Research (HDR) students and academic staff at one of the eight ...
  • Robin's inequality for 11-free integers

    Broughan, Kevin A.; Trudgian, Tim (State University of West Georgia, Charles University, and DIMATIA, 2015)
    Let σ(n) denote the sum of divisors function, and let ϒ be Euler’s constant. We prove that if there is an n≥5041 for which σ(n)≥eϒn log log n, then n must be divisible by the eleventh power of some prime.
  • Coping with design complexity: a conceptual framework for design alternatives and variants

    Bowen, Judy; Dittmar, Anke (Springer, 2017)
    Interaction design processes are characterised by multi-disciplinary teamwork and by an interplay of creative, situated and analytical thinking. Although design in the domain of human-computer interaction has been widely ...
  • Intermittency, nonlinear dynamics and dissipation in the solar wind and astrophysical plasmas

    Matthaeus, Willam H.; Wan, Minping; Servidio, Sergio; Greco, A.; Osman, Kareem T.; Oughton, Sean; Dmitruk, Pablo (The Royal Society, 2015)
    An overview is given of important properties of spatial and temporal intermittency, including evidence of its appearance in fluids, magnetofluids and plasmas, and its implications for understanding of heliospheric plasmas. ...
  • A conjecture of De Koninck regarding particular square values of the sum of divisors function

    Broughan, Kevin A.; Delbourgo, Daniel; Zhou, Qizhi (Elsevier Inc, 2014)
    We study integers n > 1 satisfying the relation σ(n) = γ(n)², where σ(n) and γ(n) are the sum of divisors and the product of distinct primes dividing n, respectively. If the prime dividing a solution n is congruent to 3 ...
  • The effect of surface tension on free surface flow induced by a point sink in a fluid of finite depth

    Hocking, G.C.; Nguyen, H.H.N.; Stokes, Tim E.; Forbes, L.K. (Elsevier Ltd, 2017)
    Solutions are presented to the problem of steady, axisymmetric flow of an inviscid fluid into a point sink. The fluid is of finite depth and has a free surface. Two numerical schemes, a spectral method and an integral ...
  • The role of acromioplasty when repairing rotator cuff tears – no difference in pain or functional outcome at 24 months in a cohort of 2,441 patients

    Bond, Elizabeth C.; Maher, Anthony; Hunt, Lynette Anne; Leigh, Warren; Brick, Matthew; Young, Simon W.; Caughey, Michael (New Zealand Medical Association, 2017)
    AIM: The role acromioplasty with rotator cu repair remains unclear. This study aims to test the null hypothesis—that acromioplasty in conjunction with rotator cuff repair has no effect on improvement in pain or shoulder ...
  • Modelling loanword success a sociolinguistic quantitative study of Māori loanwords in New Zealand English

    Calude, Andreea S.; Miller, Steven D.; Pagel, Mark (Mouton de Gruyter, 2017)
    Loanword use has dominated the literature on language contact and its salient nature continues to draw interest from linguists and non-linguists. Traditionally, loanwords were investigated by means of raw frequencies, which ...
  • The effect of irrigation on cadmium, uranium, and phosphorus contents in agricultural soils

    Salmanzadeh, Mahdiyeh; Schipper, Louis A.; Balks, Megan R.; Hartland, Adam; Mudge, Paul Lawrence; Littler, Ray A. (Elsevier, 2017)
    Cadmium (Cd) is a toxic metal which has accumulated in New Zealand agricultural soils due to phosphate fertilizer application. Understanding the contribution of plant uptake or leaching of Cd to observed Cd losses from ...
  • Isotope Tracing of Long-Term Cadmium Fluxes in an Agricultural Soil

    Salmanzadeh, Mahdiyeh; Hartland, Adam; Stirling, Claudine H.; Balks, Megan R.; Schipper, Louis A.; Joshi, Chaitanya; George, Ejin (American Chemical Society, 2017)
    Globally widespread phosphate fertilizer applications have resulted in long-term increases in the concentration of cadmium (Cd) in soils. The accumulation of this biotoxic, and bioaccumulative metal presents problems for ...
  • Subcubic trades in Steiner triple systems

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Griggs, Terry S. (Elsevier Science BV, 2017)
    We consider the problem of classifying trades in Steiner triple systems such that each block of the trade contains one of three fixed elements. We show that the fundamental building blocks for such trades are 3-regular ...
  • Critical sets of 2-balanced Latin rectangles

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Raass, Vaipuna (2016)
    An (m, n, 2)-balanced Latin rectangle is an (Formula presented.) array on symbols 0 and 1 such that each symbol occurs n times in each row and m times in each column, with each cell containing either two 0’s, two 1’s or ...
  • There are asymptotically the same number of Latin squares of each parity

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Wanless, Ian M. (Cambridge University Press, 2016)
    A Latin square is reduced if its first row and column are in natural order. For Latin squares of a particular order n there are four possible different parities. We confirm a conjecture of Stones and Wanless by showing ...
  • All for one and one for all: reconciling research and production values at the HathiTrust through user-scripting

    Bainbridge, David; Downie, J. Stephen (IEEE, 2017)
    This article details a practical technique that safely reconciles the production stability and integrity of the HathiTrust Digital Library (HTDL) with the riskier and potentially disruptive experimental functionalities ...
  • Taking a book off the shelf in a virtual library

    Cunningham, Sally Jo; Rogers, Bill; Kim, Jane (IEEE, 2017)
    We present the results of a small-scale study in which participants interacted with a physical book. Their book selection and book opening gestures provide design insights for the interface to a virtual reality library.
  • Big brother is watching you - now in a doubleplusgood way

    Sterling, Corey; St Pierre, Carlin; Bainbridge, David (IEEE, 2017)
    This paper reports on the progress made with our X Marks The Spot (XMTS) system. In XMTS we make a fundamental change to the compositing operation in a desktop manager, storing all text-display events and their related ...
  • Large-scale automatic species identification

    Mo, Jeff; Frank, Eibe; Vetrova, Varvara (Springer, 2017)
    The crowd-sourced Naturewatch GBIF dataset is used to obtain a species classification dataset containing approximately 1.2 million photos of nearly 20 thousand different species of biological organisms observed in their ...
  • Adaptive random forests for evolving data stream classification

    Gomes, Heitor M.; Bifet, Albert; Read, Jesse; Barddal, Jean Paul; Enembreck, Fabrício; Pfharinger, Bernhard; Holmes, Geoffrey; Abdessalem, Talel (Springer, 2017)
    Random forests is currently one of the most used machine learning algorithms in the non-streaming (batch) setting. This preference is attributable to its high learning performance and low demands with respect to input ...
  • Epibiotic pressure contributes to biofouling invader success

    Leonard, Kaeden; Hewitt, Chad L.; Campbell, Marnie L.; Primo, Campbell; Miller, Steven D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Reduced competition is a frequent explanation for the success of many introduced species. In benthic marine biofouling communities, space limitation leads to high rates of overgrowth competition. Some species can utilise ...
  • Detecting sentiment change in Twitter streaming data

    Bifet, Albert; Holmes, Geoffrey; Pfahringer, Bernhard; Gavaldà, Ricard (JMLR, 2011)
    MOA-TweetReader is a real-time system to read tweets in real time, to detect changes, and to find the terms whose frequency changed. Twitter is a micro-blogging service built to discover what is happening at any moment in ...

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