This collection houses research from the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Waikato.

  • On the chromatic index of Latin squares

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Kuhl, Jaromy (2015)
    A proper coloring of a Latin square of order n is an assignment of colors to its elements triples such that each row, column and symbol is assigned n distinct colors. Equivalently, a proper coloring of a Latin square is a ...
  • Comparison of the telegraph and hyperdiffusion approximations in cosmic-ray transport

    Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Noble, Patrick L. (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2016)
    The telegraph equation and its generalizations have been repeatedly considered in the models of diffusive cosmic-ray transport. Yet the telegraph model has well-known limitations, and analytical arguments suggest that a ...
  • Time-load: Visualization of energy consumption loads over time

    Masoodian, Masood; Luz, Saturnino (ACM, 2016)
    It has been suggested that providing feedback allows people to better understand their energy consumption behaviour and take the necessary actions to reduce energy consumption. Here, we present the time-load visualization, ...
  • Low-cost semantic enhancement to digital library metadata and indexing: simple yet effective strategies

    Hinze, Annika; Bainbridge, David; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Downie, J. Stephen (ACM, 2016)
    Most existing digital libraries use traditional lexically-based retrieval techniques. For established systems, completely replacing, or even making significant changes to the document retrieval mechanism (document analysis, ...
  • Semantic Bookworm: mining literary resources revisited

    Hinze, Annika; Coleman, Michael; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Bainbridge, David (ACM, 2016)
    In this paper, we describe Semantic Bookworm-a tool that supports scholarly text analysis. In contrast to the text-based Bookworm tool, the Semantic Bookworm identifies semantic concepts.
  • High-level graphical abstraction in digital design

    Pearson, Murray W.; Lyons, Paul J.; Apperley, Mark D. (1996)
    We base our approach to the design of complex logic ICs on four premises: Design of a chip's abstract architecture—its major components, their tasks, and their intercommunication—should precede definition of its functionality. ...
  • The use of auditory feedback in call centre CHHI

    Steel, Anette; Jones, Matt; Apperley, Mark (ACM, 2002)
    The investigations carried out to evaluate issues of the computer-human-human interaction (CHHI) found in call centre scenarios were presented. These investigations suggested some benefits in the use of auditory icons and ...
  • How to express your feelings (with a little help from Google)

    Wu, Shaoqun (2008)
    This paper describes an attempt to capitalize on the vast amount of human-generated text readily available on the Web to help language learners express their own feelings. We avoid errors, idiosyncrasies, and other dross ...
  • Bôcher contractions of conformally superintegrable Laplace equations

    Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr.; Subag, Eyal (2016)
    The explicit solvability of quantum superintegrable systems is due to symmetry, but the symmetry is often “hidden”. The symmetry generators of 2nd order superintegrable systems in 2 dimensions close under commutation to ...
  • Effect of statin and aspirin use on toxicity and pathological complete response rate of neo-adjuvant chemoradiation for rectal cancer

    Hardie, Claire; Jung, Yoonsuh; Jameson, Michael (2016-03-07)
    Aim To retrospectively evaluate the potential impact of statin and aspirin use on acute toxicity and pathological complete response (pCR) rate in rectal cancer patients receiving neo-adjuvant long-course radiation therapy ...
  • Efficient Model Selection in Linear and Non-Linear Quantile Regression by Cross-Validation

    Jung, Yoonsuh; MacEachern, Steven N. (2016-04-19)
    Check loss function is used to define quantile regression. In the prospect of cross validation, it is also employed as a validation function when underlying truth is unknown. However, our empirical study indicates that the ...
  • Workshop on formal methods in human computer interaction

    Weyers, Benjamin; Bowen, Judy; Dix, Alan; Palanque, Philippe (ACM, 2015-06-23)
    This workshop aims to gather active researchers and practitioners in the field of formal methods for interactive systems. The mam objective is twofold: on one hand look at the evolutions of the definition and use of formal ...
  • A comparison of system monitoring methods, passive network monitoring and kernel instrumentation

    Moore, A.W.; McGregor, Anthony James; Breen, J.W. (ACM, 1996)
    This paper presents the comparison of two methods of system monitoring, passive network monitoring and kernel instrumentation. The comparison is made on the basis of passive network monitoring being used as a replacement ...
  • Advanced selfloop removal in compositional nonblocking verification of discrete event systems

    Malik, Robi (IEEE, 2015)
    This paper investigates possible improvements of abstraction to simplify finite-state machines during compositional nonblocking verification of large discrete event systems. Current methods to simplify finite-state machines ...
  • First international workshop on using ontologies in interactive systems, ONTORACT'08

    Bouamrane, Matt-Mouley; Luz, Saturnino; Masoodian, Masood (2008)
    The aim of the workshop is to hold a multidisciplinary event bringing together researchers and practitioners to share their experiences of using ontologies for managing user interaction and interactive systems.
  • Page turning and image size in a digital music stand

    Bell, Timothy C.; Church, Annabel; McPherson, John; Bainbridge, David (2005)
    This paper investigates attributes of the electronic display of sheet music necessary for the development of a digital music stand. We explore the two conflicting goals of minimising page turning effort and maximising the ...
  • Metrization of spaces having Čech dimension zero

    Broughan, Kevin A. (1973)
    A metrizable topological space has a metric taking values in a closed subset of the real numbers having Čech dimension zero if and only if the space itself has Čech dimension zero. We call a development D = {Dn} for a ...
  • Digital music libraries - Research and development

    Bainbridge, David; Bernbom, Gerry; Wallace Davidson, Mary Wallace; Dillon, Andrew P.; Dovey, Matthew; Dunn, Jon W.; Fingerhut, Michael; Fujinaga, Ichiro; Isaacson, Eric J. (2001)
    A report on the progress of several major research and development projects in digital music libraries is presented. Digital music libraries provide enhanced access and functionality that facilitates scholarly research and ...
  • The linear stability of line-tied coronal magnetic fields

    Foote, B.J.; Craig, Ian J.D. (1990)
    The problem of the linear stability of cylindrically symmetric force-free magnetic equilibria is addressed. The aim is to quantify the severity of ideal MHD disturbances on a variety of line-tied coronal equilibria. ...
  • Exact solutions for steady state incompressible magnetic reconnection

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Henton, S.M. (1995)
    The problem of steady state magnetic reconnection in incompressible, resistive plasmas is addressed. It is shown that families of exact analytic solutions can be derived by exploiting the formal symmetry between the magnetic ...

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