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Providing computer-assisted, two-way feedback in formative assessment: an innovation supporting best educational practice

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dc.contributor.advisor Cunningham, Sally Jo
dc.contributor.advisor Rogers, Bill Gaukrodger, Howard Malcolm 2012-11-25T22:05:35Z 2012-11-25T22:05:35Z 2012
dc.description.abstract This thesis presents the design and development of an educational ICT innovation called the Quality Assessment System (QAS), intended to: increase the speed of providing useful, legible and consistent feedback, enhance student engagement in the analysis and improvement of their own work, and provide an easily-accessible, cumulative history of completed tasks and feedback. The QAS has been developed to a proof-of-concept stage as a Microsoft Word add-in, which can be used on digital or handwritten work, and has functions to administer resubmissions. The prototype system was evaluated at a tertiary institution in the field of English for Speakers of Other Languages. I used observations, interview methods, and a Wizard-of-Oz experiment to simulate full use of the software. The research found that: - the QAS could foster the rapid provision of consistent, clear feedback; - the facility to provide digital feedback on handwritten work safeguarded the desire of some students to continue writing their tasks by hand; - the handling of resubmitted tasks and the comparison of feedback on the first and second submissions (or any other pair of user-selected tasks) was considered very useful; - some students were emotional attached to handwritten feedback and believed that feedback mediated by computer showed a lack of teacher care for the students; - administrators believed the QAS would be useful for resolving student-teacher disputes, and as a tool to enhance the robustness of the quality self-assessment system the faculty adhered to. While I acknowledge the need for caution in interpreting the fieldwork results of small samples, this research places systemisation tools such as the QAS firmly on the agenda for closer investigation.
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dc.publisher University of Waikato
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dc.subject computer-assisted assessment
dc.subject feedback
dc.subject two-way feedback
dc.subject micromarking
dc.subject macromarking
dc.subject computer-assisted feedback
dc.subject handwritten tasks
dc.subject feedback database
dc.subject computer-aided assessment
dc.subject computer-aided feedback
dc.title Providing computer-assisted, two-way feedback in formative assessment: an innovation supporting best educational practice en
dc.type Thesis University of Waikato Doctoral Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2012-11-24T20:26:54Z

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