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The CLIMPACTS Programme: Examining the sensitivity of the New Zealand environment to climate variability and change.

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  • Urich, Peter; Campbell, John; Gillespie, Alexander; Scrimgeour, Frank (The International Global Change Institute (IGCI), University of Waikato, 2005)
    This review of current knowledge in, and development of, priorities for research into the human dimensions of global environmental change has been conducted to assist the Foundation for Research Science and Technology to ...
  • Warrick, Richard A.; Mullan, A.B.; Kenny, Gavin J.; Campbell, B.D.; Clark, H.; Austin, P.T.; Cloughley, C.G.; Flux, T.L.; Hall, A.J.; Harman, J.J.; McPherson, H.G.; Jamieson, P.D.; Mitchell, N.D.; Newton, P.C.D.; Parshotam, A.; Porteous, A.S.; Salinger, M.J.; Thompson, C.S.; Tate, K.R.; Ye, Wei (The International Global Change Institute (IGCI), University of Waikato, 2001)
    In the late 1980s, New Zealand undertook the first national assessment of climate change and its possible impacts on the country.The landmark report, reflecting the judgement of scores of national experts, called for greater ...
  • Warrick, Richard A.; Kenny, Gavin J.; Harman, J.J. (The International Global Change Institute (IGCI), University of Waikato., 2001)
    Along with a need to better understand the climate and biophysical systems of New Zealand, the need to develop an improved capacity for evaluating possible changes in climate and their effects on the New Zealand environment ...

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