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  • Tuning the sulfur–heterometal interaction in organolead(IV) complexes of [Pt₂(μ-S)₂(PPh₃)₄]

    Pham, Kristina; Henderson, William; Nicholson, Brian K.; Hor, T.S. Andy (Elsevier S.A., 2007)
    Reactions of [Pt₂(μ-S)₂(PPh₃)₄] with Ph₃PbCl, Ph₂PbI₂, Ph₂PbBr₂ and Me₃PbOAc result in the formation of bright yellow to orange solutions containing the cations [Pt₂(μ-S)₂(PPh₃)₄PbR₃]⁺ (R₃ = Ph₃, Ph₂I, Ph₂Br, Me₃) isolated ...
  • Turakina Ngā Hara me Hinepūkohurangi

    Channings, Terehia Teresa (University of Waikato, 2016)
    Turakina Māori Girls’ College was a Māori boarding school established by the Presbyterian Church. It is a school that has had a long-standing relationship with Tūhoe. The connection between Tūhoe and Turakina Māori Girls’ ...
  • Turbulence transport throughout the heliosphere

    Breech, Ben; Matthaeus, William H.; Minnie, J.; Bieber, J.W.; Oughton, Sean; Smith, Charles W.; Isenberg, P.A. (American Geophysical Union., 2007)
    We employ a turbulence transport model to compute distributions of turbulence throughout the heliosphere. The model determines the radial dependence of three (coupled) quantities that characterize interplanetary turbulence, ...
  • Turbulence, spatial transport, and heating of the solar wind

    Matthaeus, William H.; Zank, Gary P.; Smith, Charles W.; Oughton, Sean (The American Physical Society, 1999)
    A phenomenological theory describes radial evolution of plasma turbulence in the solar wind from 1 to 50 astronomical units. The theory includes a simple closure for local anisotropic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence, spatial ...
  • A turbulence-driven model for heating and acceleration of the fastwind in coronal holes

    Verdini, A.; Verli, M.; Matthaeus, William H.; Oughton, Sean; Dmitruk, Pablo (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2010)
    A model is presented for generation of fast solar wind in coronal holes, relying on heating that is dominated by turbulent dissipation of MHD fluctuations transported upward in the solar atmosphere. Scale-separated transport ...
  • Turning a back on violence: Storying anti-violence with young men in schools

    Judd, Matt; Flanagan, Paul G. (New Zealand Association of Counsellors, 2020)
    What are some of the effects of inviting young men troubled by violence to take up non-violent identity claims? This article describes narrative therapy practices in re-authoring stories of violence with one of two young ...
  • Turning ideas into research: Theory, design and practice, by Barbara Fawcett and Rosalie Pockett [Book Review]

    Hunt, Sonya (Australian Association for Social Work and Welfare Education Association, 2015)
    This article reviews the book "Turning ideas into research: Theory, design and practice", by Barbara Fawcett and Rosalie Pockett
  • Turning marketing promises into business value: The experience of an industrial SME

    Little, Victoria; Motion, Judy; Brodie, Roderick J.; Brookes, Richard (University of Auckland Business School, 2006)
    The article studies the value that businesses should have for their customers and shareholders. It explains how to develop such value to meet or exceed customer's expectations through the application of the promise framework. ...
  • Turnover Intentions: The Mediation Effects of Job Satisfaction, Affective Commitment and Continuance Commitment

    Riley, Derek (The University of Waikato, 2006)
    Retention and productivity levels of a workforce are one of the essential ingredients for organisations to prosper in today's competitive business environment. Turnover intentions of the workforce are an important ...
  • Tutors' Voice: Future Directions?

    Zalipour, Arezou (Teaching Development Unit, 2015-10-13)
    Little did I guess when I started tutoring at the University of Waikato in 2012 and later when I was given the role of Tutor Support person at TDU last July, that there was no institutionally required formal training for ...
  • Tū Māori Ake: Seeking which is above.

    Maxwell, Te Kahautu (2015-02-03)
    Te Waka Āwhina 2015 Seeking that which is above Kaupapa - Philosophy o Aotearoa “Tū Māori ake” E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā karangatanga, nei rā te powhiri ki a koutou katoa ‘MĀ TE MĀORI, MŌ TE MĀORI’ Te Waka Āwhina o ...
  • Tū te turuturu nō Hine-te-iwaiwa: Mana wahine geographies of birth in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Simmonds, Naomi Beth (University of Waikato, 2014)
    This thesis examines the embodied, spiritual and spatial experiences of maternity for Māori women. It reveals how colonial and patriarchal discourses are embedded and embodied in the spaces of childbirth in Aotearoa New ...
  • Tū Te Turuturu Nō Hineteiwaiwa - Maintaining Cultural Integrity in the Teaching of Māori Weaving

    Turi-Tiakitai, John Reid (University of Waikato, 2015)
    “He whatu kōrero mō te whatu He whiriwhiri kōrero mō te whiri He rangaranga kōrero mō te raranga” Despite the development and teaching of an increasing number of Māori focused tertiary programmes, many kaumatua remain ...
  • Tūhoe on the move: Regional mobility

    Guerin, Pauline; Nikora, Linda Waimarie; Rua, Mohi (Population Association of New Zealand, 2006)
    Academic interest in geographic mobility of indigenous peoples has increased in recent years with a corresponding growth in the literature relating to Māori mobility more specifically. With this greater acknowledgement of ...
  • Tūrangawaewae mō te Kīngitanga

    Takerei, Mamae Rangiaroha Tuānewa (The University of Waikato, 2019)
    Tūrangawaewae is an iconic marae located at the heart of the Kīngitanga. Established by Te Pūea Hērangi and other whānau, this marae has come to represent the struggles, successes and history of the Kīngitanga movement. ...
  • "Twenty percent free!": So how much does the original bar weigh?

    Hāwera, Ngārewa; Merilyn, Taylor (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, 2011)
    Ngarewa Hawera and Merilyn Taylor describe a rich task based on a real world situation that stimulated a great deal of mathematical reasoning. Their research on how students attempted the task is most revealing.
  • Twenty-three unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH)–a community perspective

    Blöschl, G; Bierkens, MFP; Chambel, A; Cudennec, C; Destouni, G; Fiori, A; Kirchner, JW; McDonnell, JJ; Savenije, HHG; Sivapalan, M; Stumpp, C; Toth, E; Volpi, E; Carr, G; Lupton, C; Salinas, J; Széles, B; Viglione, A; Aksoy, H; Allen, ST; Amin, A; Andréassian, V; Arheimer, B; Aryal, SK; Baker, V; Bardsley, W. Earl; Barendrecht, MH; Bartosova, A; Batelaan, O; Berghuijs, WR; Beven, K; Blume, T; Bogaard, T; Borges de Amorim, P; Böttcher, ME; Boulet, G; Breinl, K; Brilly, M; Brocca, L; Buytaert, W; Castellarin, A; Castelletti, A; Chen, X; Chen, Y; Chen, Y; Chifflard, P; Claps, P; Clark, MP; Collins, AL; Croke, B; Dathe, A; David, PC; de Barros, FPJ; de Rooij, G; Di Baldassarre, G; Driscoll, JM; Duethmann, D; Dwivedi, R; Eris, E; Farmer, WH; Feiccabrino, J; Ferguson, G; Ferrari, E; Ferraris, S; Fersch, B; Finger, D; Foglia, L; Fowler, K; Gartsman, B; Gascoin, S; Gaume, E; Gelfan, A; Geris, J; Gharari, S; Gleeson, T; Glendell, M; Gonzalez Bevacqua, A; González-Dugo, MP; Grimaldi, S; Gupta, AB; Guse, B; Han, D; Hannah, D; Harpold, A; Haun, S; Heal, K; Helfricht, K; Herrnegger, M; Hipsey, M; Hlaváčiková, H; Hohmann, C; Holko, L; Hopkinson, C; Hrachowitz, M; Illangasekare, TH; Inam, A; Innocente, C; Istanbulluoglu, E; Jarihani, B; Kalantari, Z (Taylor & Francis Group, 2019)
    This paper is the outcome of a community initiative to identify major unsolved scientific problems in hydrology motivated by a need for stronger harmonisation of research efforts. The procedure involved a public consultation ...
  • Twitter in education

    Wright, Noeline; Forbes, Dianne Leslie (SAGE Publications (UK and US), 2016)
    This special issue of e-Learning and Digital Media arose from a chance discussion at lunch one day, when one of us mentioned to the outgoing editors of this journal that she had just managed to connect with someone from ...
  • Twittering in teacher education: reflecting on practicum experiences

    Wright, Noeline (Routledge, 2010)
    Microblogging as a form of expression has gained momentum recently: a widely popular version is Twitter, which began by asking 'What are you doing?' While posts responding to this question were often inane and ephemeral, ...
  • Two complexes containing 19-atom chains linking metal centres

    Bruce, Michael I.; Nicholson, Brian K.; Zaitseva, Natasha N. (Elsevier, 2009)
    The first example of a complex containing a C₁₉ chain, {Co₃(μ-dppm)(CO)₇}{μ₃-C(C≡C)₉}{W(CO)₃Cp}, has been prepared in 22% yield from the Pd(0) / Cu(I)-catalysed reaction between I(C≡C)₃I, W{C≡CC≡CAu(PPh₃)}(CO)₃Cp and ...