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  • Investor sentiment dynamics, the cross-section of stock returns and the MAX effect

    Cheema, Muhammad A.; Nartea, Gilbert V. (2018)
    Recent evidence shows that investor sentiment is a contrarian predictor of stock returns with speculative stocks earning lower (higher) future returns than safe stocks following high (low) sentiment states. We extend this ...
  • Invigorating the Church for Mission. Action Research with Local Parishes

    Prebble, Edward Howard (University of Waikato, 2012)
    By drawing together the insights of Action Researchers and a personal theological/spiritual conviction of the total and limitless Love of God I present a bridge between the discourse of faith, worship and spirituality on ...
  • Invisible Rehabilitation: An Exploration of Rehabilitative Practices within a Community Work Agency.

    Namwinga, Nasalifya (University of Waikato, 2016)
    Community Work is one of the most utilised community based sentences in New Zealand. It is a low cost and low intensity sentence that is extensively used to punish low level offences. Although Community Work is not an ...
  • Involvement in political issues by people living in the Te Aroha district

    Hart, Philip (Historical Research Unit, University of Waikato, 2016)
    As only a minority of residents were enthusiastically interested in national political issues, efforts to encourage debates about such issues by forming clubs largely failed. There was much more interest in local politics, ...
  • Involving a village: student teachers’ sense of belonging in their school-based placement

    Ussher, William (Bill) Grant (Routledge, 2010)
    Educating a student on teaching placement involves a 'village', just as it takes a whole 'village' to raise a child. Creating a 'village' around each student teacher gives them greater agency, a sense of belonging and being ...
  • Ion parallel viscosity and anisotropy in MHD turbulence

    Oughton, Sean (Cambridge University Press, 1996)
    We report on results from direct numerical simulation of the incompressible three- dimensional magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations, modified to incorporate viscous dissipation via the strongly anisotropic ion-parallel ...
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (August 2009)

    Kingsbury, Anna (2009-08)
    This was a Supreme Court decision on the availability of additional damages for copyright infringement where an account of profits has been awarded.
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (February 2008)

    Kingsbury, Anna (2008-02)
    This Supreme Court decision was an appeal from the Court of Appeal decision in Stichting Lodestar v Austin, Nichols & Co. Inc.. The decision clarifies the approach that the High Court should take on an appeal against a ...
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (July 2012)

    Kingsbury, Anna (LexisNexis New Zealand Ltd, 2012-07)
    This article discusses Trade Marks, Fair Trading, Copyright & Patent Infringement cases(respectively): “Mars New Zealand Ltd v Heinz Watties Ltd” [2012, NZHC 591]; “GeoSmart Maps Ltd v GoSmart Foundation Ltd” [HC Auckland ...
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (March 2012)

    Kingsbury, Anna (LexisNexis New Zealand Ltd, 2012-03)
    This article discusses Trade Marks cases(respectively): “Mars New Zealand Ltd v Roby Trustees Ltd” [HC Auckland CIV 2011-404-4613, 7 December 2011], “Fonterra Brands (Tip Top Investments) Ltd v Tip Top Restaurant Ltd” [HC ...
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (May 2008)

    Kingsbury, Anna (LexisNexis NZ Limited, 2008-05)
    This was a trade mark case in which the plaintiff, Portacom New Zealand Ltd, sought an interim injunction and orders requiring that the defendants remove "Port A Room" from all marketing materials and that any such branded ...
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (May 2009)

    Kingsbury, Anna (LexisNexis, 2009-05)
    Oraka Technologies Ltd v Geostel Vision Ltd (HO, Hamilton CIV 2005-419-809, 18 February 2009, AllanJ) This was a copyright case about asparagus grading equipment.
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (October 2009)

    Kingsbury, Anna (2009-10)
    This was an unsuccessful appeal from a decision of Winkelmann J in the High Court allowing registration by the respondent, Mr Sintes, of a trade mark containing the words "family search".
  • IP round-up: Recent decisions from the courts (September 2012)

    Kingsbury, Anna (LexisNexis New Zealand Ltd, 2012-09)
    This article discusses three trade mark cases: “Nutramarks, Inc v Nature’s Life NZ Ltd” [2012, NZHC 1134]; Le Cordon Bleu v Commissioner of Trade Marks” [2012, NZHC 724] and “Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GMBH v AFT ...
  • iPad-mediated talk in young children’s learning and exploration of interests

    Khoo, Elaine G.L.; Falloon, Garry; Nguyen, Nhung Hong (DEANZ, 2016)
    Emerging evidence highlights the potential of mobile and tablet technologies such as the Apple iPad in facilitating more productive learning processes and outcomes in formal contexts. Very little research has however been ...
  • iPads and opportunities for teaching and learning for young children

    Khoo, Elaine G.L.; Merry, Rosina; Nguyen, Nhung Hong; Bennett, Timothy; MacMillan, Nadine (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, 2015)
    This research involved a collaboration with two early childhood education (ECE) teachers at an education and care centre in Hamilton, New Zealand, to gain insight into the perspectives of the teachers, a number of the young ...
  • Iranian New Zealander men’s perception of domestic violence

    Ghaleiha, Amin (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    Domestic violence is a significant social issue in both Iran and New Zealand. Ethnic migrants have a high risk of experiencing domestic violence and have distinct needs compared to the local population. The purpose of this ...
  • Irishtown Hamilton East 1864-1940

    O'Shea-Miles, Cathy (The University of Waikato, 1999)
    This study offers an alternative historiographical perspective on the Irish in New Zealand. This study found that an Irish enclave existed in Hamilton ftom 1864-1940. It was fragile and soft-edged, but despite continual ...
  • Iron(III) complexes of the metalloligand [Pt2(μ-S)2(PPh3)4]

    Henderson, William; Oliver, Allen G.; Turnbull, Mark M. (Elsevier, 2013)
    Reaction of [Pt₂(μ-S)₂(PPh₃) ₄] with (NH₄)₂SO₄•FeSO ₄•6H₂O and 2 mol equivalents of picolinic acid (HPic) or 8-hydroxyquinoline (HQ) and trimethylamine base gives iron(III) adducts [Pt₂(μ-S)₂(PPh₃) ₄FePic2]+ and [Pt₂(μ-S) ...
  • Is a low-inflation environment associated with reduced exchange rate pass through?

    Holmes, Mark J. (Taloustieteellinen Seura ry, 2006)
    This paper investigates the extent of pass through from the US dollar exchange rate to consumer prices in the European Union. A relatively new line of empirical research is pursued that considers whether or not the extent ...