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  • Batch-Incremental Learning for Mining Data Streams

    Holmes, Geoffrey; Kirkby, Richard Brendon; Bainbridge, David (University of Waikato, 2004)
    The data stream model for data mining places harsh restrictions on a learning algorithm. First, a model must be induced incrementally. Second, processing time for instances must keep up with their speed of arrival. Third, ...
  • Beyond the Client-Server Model: Self-contained to Portable Digital Libraries

    Bainbridge, David; Jones, Steve; McIntosh, Samuel John; Witten, Ian H.; Jones, Matt (Springer, 2008)
    We have created an experimental prototype that enhances an ordinary personal media player by adding digital library capabilities. It does not enable access to a remote digital library from a user’s PDA; rather, it runs a ...
  • Big brother is watching you - now in a doubleplusgood way

    Sterling, Corey; St Pierre, Carlin; Bainbridge, David (IEEE, 2017)
    This paper reports on the progress made with our X Marks The Spot (XMTS) system. In XMTS we make a fundamental change to the compositing operation in a desktop manager, storing all text-display events and their related ...
  • Building digital library collections with greenstone

    Witten, Ian H.; Bainbridge, David (ACM, 2005)
    This tutorial will demonstrate how to build a variety of different kinds of digital library collections with the Greenstone digital library software, a comprehensive, open-source system for constructing, presenting, and ...
  • Constructing digital library interfaces

    Nichols, David M.; Bainbridge, David; Twidale, Michael B. (ACM, 2007)
    The software technologies used to create web interfaces for digital libraries are discussed using examples from Greenstone 3.