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  • Supporting the development of number fact knowledge in five- and six-year-olds

    Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Bicknell, Brenda (Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Inc., 2014)
    This paper focuses on children’s number fact knowledge from a study that explored the impact of using multiplication and division contexts for developing number understanding with 34 five- and six-year-old children from ...
  • Using multiplication and division contexts to build place-value understanding

    Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Bicknell, Brenda (International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), 2015)
    The paper describes a study with five-year-old children to explore how multiplication and division problems helped them to develop early place-value understanding. Two teachers taught a series of focussed lessons over two ...
  • Using quotitive division problems to promote place-value understanding

    Bicknell, Brenda; Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Simpson, Jackie (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, 2017)
    Using quotitive division problems to promote A robust understanding of place value is essential. Using a problem-based approach set within meaningful contexts, students' attention may be drawn to the multiplicative structure ...
  • What about talented students? An exploratory study.

    Rubie-Davies, Christine; Wardman, Janna; Millward, Pam; Bicknell, Brenda; Ballam, Nadine Dawn; Riley, Tracy (2015)
    This study was the final phase in a three-phase project. The first phase was exploratory in design and explored across four faculties, what support existed for high achieving students. The second phase introduced the ...