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  • Plasticization of Bloodmeal-based Thermoplastics

    Verbeek, Casparus Johan R.; Lay, Mark C.; Bier, James Michael (CHEMECA 2013, 2013)
    Water is the most common plasticizer for proteinbased thermoplastics, lowering the softening point to a allow processing without excessive degradation. The biggest drawback of using water a plasticizer is that water easily ...
  • Plasticizer migration in bloodmeal-based thermoplastics

    Bier, James Michael; Verbeek, Casparus Johan R.; Lay, Mark C. (Wiley, 2013)
    Tri-ethylene glycol (TEG) is an effective plasticizer for many protein-based thermoplastics because of its low volatility, however, partial miscibility with the protein matrix may still lead to some phase separation. Spatial ...
  • Preparation and characterisation of decoloured Novatein and modified PLA blends

    Izuchukwu, Sandra C.P.; Verbeek, Casparus Johan R.; Bier, James Michael (2017)
    Modified Poly (lactic acid) (PLA) was blended with Decoloured Novatein® (DNTP), a thermoplastic protein material using reactive extrusion to produce a degradable material with improved properties compared to neat Decoloured ...
  • Short-Term viscoelastic properties of bloodmeal-based thermoplastics

    Bier, James Michael; Verbeek, Casparus Johan R.; Lay, Mark C.; van der Merwe, De Wet (Wiley, 2014)
    The effects of sodium sulfite (SS) content and injection molding temperature on the viscoelasticity of bloodmeal-based thermoplastics were assessed using creep, recovery, and stress relaxation. Both SS and processing ...
  • Structural Changes and Chain Mobility During Processing of Bloodmeal-Based Thermoplastics

    Bier, James Michael (University of Waikato, 2013)
    The purpose of this study was to use concepts from classical polymer physics to develop a fundamental understanding of the interdependent relationship between structure, properties and processing in NovateinTM Thermoplastic ...