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  • Developments in getting GIS technologies into classrooms

    Chalmers, Lex (2002)
    The paper maps progress in the adoption of GIS in secondary education over more than 15 years, As it explores the incentives and impediments in the adoption of GlS in secondary schools, it notes the rich technology base ...
  • Distinguished service award: Dr Paul Ashley Keown

    Chalmers, Lex (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)
    Paul’s approachability and commitment to geographical education through the Waikato Branch and NZBoGT has been outstanding over 40 years.
  • E-learning for Geography's Teaching and Learning Spaces

    Lynch, Kenneth; Bednarz, Bob; Boxall, James; Chalmers, Lex; France, Derek; Kesby, Julie (Taylor & Francis, 2008)
    The authors embed their advocacy of educational technology in a consideration of contemporary pedagogy in geography. They provide examples of e-learning from a wide range of teaching and learning contexts. They promote the ...
  • Editorial: Congresses, commissions and change

    Chalmers, Lex (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    I am pleased to have the opportunity to write what will be a valedictory editorial for IRGEE in terms of the 2008–2012 Commission on Geographical Education. As most will know, the Commission on Geographical Education is ...
  • Exploring different 'perspectives' in secondary geography: Professional development options

    Chalmers, Lex; Keown, Paul Ashley; Kent, Ashley (Channel View Publications, 2002)
    Significant changes have occurred in the worlds of geography since 1973, and a substantial literature has emerged about these changes and their effects on the 'divide' between secondary and tertiary geographers. We suggest ...