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  • Review: Salon

    Houlahan, Mark (2010)
    Salon was a welcome local attempt at exploiting the theatre potential of non-traditional theatre spaces. A salon is a great choice: so much potential for narcissism and display. The hot lights, the big mirrors. Everything ...
  • Review: The Intricate Art of Actually Caring

    Houlahan, Mark (2010)
    It was a cold and rainy week. Two boys from Wellington bought their stylish road play to Hamilton. Meanwhile, back in Wellington, Ian McKellen bought his own fame back to Wellywood to stage Waiting for Godot, the biggest ...
  • Romeo and Tusi: An Eclectically Musical Samoan/Maori Romeo and Juliet from Aotearoa/New Zealand

    Houlahan, Mark (Routledge, 2009)
    Is there a distinctive New Zealand Shakespeare? What 'new' approaches to Shakespeare have originated from New Zealand? This article explores the issue by contextualising a version of Romeo and Juliet staged successfully ...
  • Selected Poems[Review]

    Houlahan, Mark (Peppercorn Press, 2019)
    Reviews a book of selected poems by Ian Wedde covering 42 years of his writing.
  • Shakespeare and New Zealand: 1912-1916-1964

    Houlahan, Mark (2016)
    My paper will work away from the approach in my contributions to Christine Jansohn’s 2015 Shakespeare Jubilees: 1769-2014 and the forthcoming Shakespeare and Antipodal Memory, eds. Philip Mead and Gordon MacMullan (Bloomsbury ...