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  • A numerical classification of some Thermus isolates

    Hudson, J. Andrew; Daniel, Roy M.; Morgan, Hugh W. (1986)
    A numerical classification was performed on a collection of 45 Thermus isolates recovered from New Zealand hot pools and on six type strains including T. aquaticus and "T. thermophilus". Unweighted average linking (UPGMA) ...
  • Thermonema lapsum gen. nov., sp. nov., a Thermophilic Gliding Bacterium

    Hudson, J. Andrew; Schofield, Karin M.; Morgan, Hugh W.; Daniel, Roy M. (1989)
    We previously reported the isolation of five strains of a thermophilic gliding organism. These strains are described here as a new genus and species, Thermonema lapsum. The isolates can be readily distinguished from other ...
  • Thermus filiformis sp. nov., a Filamentous Caldoactive Bacterium

    Hudson, J. Andrew; Morgan, Hugh W.; Daniel, Roy M. (Society for General Microbiology, 1987)
    In a preliminary investigation the isolation of a caldoactive filamentous microorganism from a New Zealand hot spring was reported. This organism is described here as a new species belonging to the genus Thermus, namely, ...