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  • A proper understanding of Millikan

    Kingsbury, Justine (Springer, 2006)
    Ruth Millikan’s teleological theory of mental content is complex and often misunderstood. This paper motivates and clarifies some of the complexities of the theory, and shows that paying careful attention to its details ...
  • Putting the burden of proof in its place: When are differential allocations legitimate?

    Dare, Tim; Kingsbury, Justine (University of Memphis, 2008)
    It is widely assumed that legitimate differential allocations of the burden of proof are ubiquitous: that in all cases in which opposing views are being debated, one side has the responsibility of proving their claim and ...
  • (R)evolutionary aesthetics: Denis Dutton’s The art instinct: beauty, pleasure and human evolution

    Kingsbury, Justine (Springer, 2009)
    Denis Dutton’s ‘‘The Art Instinct’’ succeeds admirably in showing that it is possible to think about art from a biological point of view, and this is a significant achievement, given that resistance to the idea that cultural ...
  • Virtue and argument: Taking character into account

    Bowell, Tracy; Kingsbury, Justine (University of Windsor, 2013)
    In this paper we consider the prospects for an account of good argument that takes the character of the arguer into consideration. We conclude that although there is much to be gained by identifying the virtues of the good ...