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  • Experimenting with ecosystem interaction networks in search of threshold potentials in real-world marine ecosystems

    Thrush, Simon F.; Hewitt, Judi E.; Parkes, Samantha Maree; Lohrer, Andrew M.; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Woodin, Sarah A.; Wethey, David S.; Chiantore, Mariachiara; Asnaghi, Valentina; De Juan, Silva; Kraan, Casper; Rodil, Ivan; Savage, Candida; Van Colen, Carl (Ecological Society of America, 2014)
    Thresholds profoundly affect our understanding and management of ecosystem dynamics, but we have yet to develop practical techniques to assess the risk that thresholds will be crossed. Combining ecological knowledge of ...
  • Quantifying macrodetritus fluxes from a small temperate estuary

    Gladstone-Gallagher, Rebecca Vivian; Sandwell, Dean R.; Lohrer, Andrew M.; Lundquist, Carolyn J.; Pilditch, Conrad A. (CSIRO Publishing, 2017)
    Empirical measurements of estuary-to-coast material fluxes usually exclude the fraction of primary production that is exported as macrodetritus (marine plant litter), potentially leaving a gap in our understanding of the ...