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  • Compression by induction of hierarchical grammars

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H.; Maulsby, David (Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato, 1993)
    This paper describes a technique that develops models of symbol sequences in the form of small, human-readable, hierarchical grammars. The grammars are both semantically plausible and compact. The technique can induce ...
  • Detecting sequential structure

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H. (1995)
    Programming by demonstration requires detection and analysis of sequential patterns in a user’s input, and the synthesis of an appropriate structural model that can be used for prediction. This paper describes SEQUITUR, a ...
  • The development of Holte's 1R Classifier

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Holmes, Geoffrey; Witten, Ian H. (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 1995-06)
    The 1R procedure for machine learning is a very simple one that proves surprisingly effective on the standard datasets commonly used for evaluation. This paper describes the method and discusses two areas that can be ...
  • Digital libraries based on full-text retrieval

    Witten, Ian H.; Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Cunningham, Sally Jo (1996-07)
    Because digital libraries are expensive to create and maintain, Internet analogs of public libraries-reliable, quality, community services-have only recently begun to appear. A serious obstacle to their creation is the ...
  • Domain-specific keyphrase extraction

    Frank, Eibe; Paynter, Gordon W.; Witten, Ian H.; Gutwin, Carl; Nevill-Manning, Craig G. (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA, 1999)
    Keyphrases are an important means of document summarization, clustering, and topic search. Only a small minority of documents have author-assigned keyphrases, and manually assigning keyphrases to existing documents is very ...