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  • Flipped classroom learning in a large introductory undergraduate engineering course

    Scott, Jonathan B.; Khoo, Elaine G.L.; Peter, Mira; Round, W. Howell (2016)
    CONTEXT The flipped-classroom model is a recent educational development that is prominent in the literature on learning. The typical flipped class scenario involves students looking up information, reading printed materials ...
  • Flipped teaching and flexible learning

    Peter, Mira; Khoo, Elaine G.L. (2017)
    • Demystify the process of flipping a class and how successfully flipped class effectively support learning • Grounded case study on undergraduate engineering course with high student enrolment and strong labbased ...
  • Flipped teaching and flexible learning in an undergraduate engineering course

    Khoo, Elaine G.L.; Peter, Mira (2017)
    In a flipped class, lecture materials are assigned as take-home tasks for students to complete prior to attending face-to-face classes. The class time is thus freed up for the application of the learned ideas through active ...
  • ‘Getting stuck’ in analogue electronics: Threshold concepts as an explanatory model

    Harlow, Ann; Scott, Jonathan B.; Peter, Mira; Cowie, Bronwen (Taylor & Francis Group, 2011)
    Could the challenge of mastering threshold concepts be a potential factor that influences a student's decision to continue in electronics engineering? This was the question that led to a collaborative research project ...
  • How we flipped an engineering course

    Khoo, Elaine G.L.; Peter, Mira; Scott, Jonathan B.; Round, W. Howell; Cowie, Bronwen (2018)
    The flipped classroom emphasises active student-centred learning activities and application of ideas during class time by assigning take-home task for the student to complete prior to coming to class. This approach has ...