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  • An analysis of total correctness refinement models for partial relation semantics I

    Deutsch, Moshe; Henson, Martin C.; Reeves, Steve (Oxford University Press, 2003)
    This is the first of a series of papers devoted to the thorough investigation of (total correctness) refinement based on an underlying partial relational model. In this paper we restrict attention to operation refinement. ...
  • Atomic components

    Reeves, Steve; Streader, David (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 2004-02)
    There has been much interest in components that combine the best of state-based and event-based approaches. The interface of a component can be thought of as its specification and substituting components with the same ...
  • A calculator for supporting derivation in constructive type-theory: PICTCalc

    Reeves, Steve (1994-06)
    PICTCalc is an interactive program written in LPA Prolog which has encoded within it the rules of Martin-Löf's constructive type theory (CTT), a formal system based on the constructive or intuitionistic mathematics of ...
  • Characterising Sound Visualisations of Specifications using Micro-charts and Refinement

    Pilbrow, Colin; Reeves, Steve (IEEE, 2017)
    For validation or for communication with a client, it is useful to create a visualisation of a specification. It is important that the visualisation does not mislead the user. In this work we look at how to characterise ...
  • Combining models for interactive system modelling

    Bowen, Judy; Reeves, Steve (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
    Our approach for modelling interactive systems has been to develop models for the interface and interaction which are lightweight but with an underlying formal semantics. Combined with traditional formal methods to describe ...