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  • Reliquaries and a Poetic Sensibility

    Rinehart, Robert E. (SAGE Publications Inc., 2014)
    Reliquaries are forms for remembrance, but they are also enactments, processes of just that remembering. In this piece, through five exemplar poems, I examine "reliquary" as noun and "reliquary" as verb.
  • Sport performance in four acts: Players, workers, audience, and immortality

    Rinehart, Robert E. (Sage Publications Ltd, 2010)
    Using the "voices" of the "creators" of intertextualized sport, this article will demonstrate how sport is inextricably linked with performance. As well, an exegesis of the modernist and postmodernist frameworks of ...
  • Sport-war cartoon art

    Rinehart, Robert E.; Caudwell, Jayne (Sage Publications, 2017)
    In this article, We explore the extent to which political cartoons and comic strips – as mediated public and political visual art, the ‘ninth art’ according to Groensteen’s The System of Comics (2007[1999] – subvert/confirm ...