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  • Paradoxical mobilities: sharemilking with Te Raparahi Lands Trust (Wāotū)

    Hutcheson, Gail Yvonne; Simmonds, Naomi Beth (2017)
    Mobilities are important for capturing some of the combined movements of people, animals and objects in all of their complex relational dynamics. Sharemilking involves a cascade of mobilities: from the modest journies of ...
  • Strategies for teaching gender in geography

    Adams-Hutcheson, Gail; Simmonds, Naomi Beth (2017)
    One hour session presented in Auckland at the Women Gender Geography Research Network (WGGRN) Symposium. We discuss: What does geography add to gender? Affect in the classroom. Personal politics; the personal is political.
  • Tū te turuturu nō Hine-te-iwaiwa: Mana wahine geographies of birth in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Simmonds, Naomi Beth (University of Waikato, 2014)
    This thesis examines the embodied, spiritual and spatial experiences of maternity for Māori women. It reveals how colonial and patriarchal discourses are embedded and embodied in the spaces of childbirth in Aotearoa New ...