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  • New Zealand national security: Challenges, trends and issues [Book Review]

    Steff, Reuben (New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 2017)
    I was invited to review the following book for the New Zealand International Review: New Zealand National Security: Challenges, Trends and Issues. Editors: William Hoverd, Nick Nelson and Carl Bradley Published by: Massey ...
  • North Korea: Why this time is different, and the danger of success

    Steff, Reuben (Defsec Media, 2018)
    After a year of rising tensions that saw North Korea accelerate its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program, the diplomatic equation may have fundamentally changed in recent months. The first shock came in March, ...
  • Strategic liberalism and Kiwi maximalism

    Steff, Reuben (New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 2016)
    In recent decades a new international structure has emerged, dramatically increasing the incentives for co-operation. New Zealand should capitalise on this by adopting a new foreign policy paradigm. It should consider a ...
  • Why this time is different: The North Korea Crisis and New Zealand’s interests.

    Steff, Reuben
    North Korea remains the ultimate international outlier: an isolated totalitarian state seeking to acquire a credible nuclear weapons program. As such, a simmering crisis between the North and the US has been playing out ...