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  • Total site methodology as a tool for planning and strategic decisions

    Nemet, Andreja; Klemeš, Jiří Jaromír; Varbanov, Petar S.; Atkins, Martin John; Walmsley, Michael R.W. (AIDIC Servizi S.r.l., 2012)
    A Total Site (TS) is defined as a set of processes (industrial plants, residential, business and agriculture units) linked through the central utility system. The utility system incorporates a number of operating units ...
  • Total site targeting with stream specific minimum temperature difference

    Fodor, Zsófia; Klemeš, Jiří Jaromír; Varbanov, Petar S.; Walmsley, Michael R.W.; Atkins, Martin John; Walmsley, Timothy Gordon (AIDIC Servizi S.r.l., 2012)
    The paper focuses on extending traditional Total Site Integration methodology to produce more meaningful utility and heat recovery targets for the process design. The traditional methodology leads to inadequate results due ...
  • Total site utility system structural design using P-graph

    Walmsley, Timothy Gordon; Jia, Xuexiu; Philipp, Matthias; Nemet, Andreja; Liew, Peng Yen; Klemes, Jiří J.; Varbanov, Petar S. (2018)
    This paper explores the macro optimisation decisions of energy sources selection and the structural design of the utility system within the framework of Total Site Heat Integration (TSHI). Most TSHI research on utility ...