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  • Hall current effects in dynamic magnetic reconnection solutions

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Watson, P.G. (American Institute of Physics, 2003-04-16)
    The impact of Hall current contributions on flow driven planar magnetic merging solutions is discussed. The Hall current is important if the dimensionless Hall parameter (or normalized ion skin depth) satisfies cH>η where ...
  • The impact of small-scale turbulence on laminar magnetic reconnection

    Watson, P.G.; Oughton, Sean; Craig, Ian J.D. (American Institute of Physics, 2007-03)
    Initial states in incompressible two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics that are known to lead to strong current sheets and (laminar) magnetic reconnection are modified by the addition of small-scale turbulent perturbations ...
  • Magnetic annihilation and reconnection in two dimensions

    Watson, P.G.; Craig, Ian J.D. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998-09)
    The problems of incompressible, planar, magnetic annihilation and reconnection are discussed. We first emphasize that steady-state reconnection solutions can be constructed from annihilation models involving harmonic ...
  • Magnetic reconnection solutions in the presence of multiple nulls

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Fabling, R.B.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Watson, P.G. (1999-10)
    It is known that exact analytic solutions can be constructed for incompressible magnetic reconnection in three space dimensions. In the case of an isolated X-point null, there are two types of reconnection solutions, namely, ...
  • The power output of spine and fan magnetic reconnection solutions

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Fabling, R.B.; Watson, P.G. (1997-08)
    The ability of three-dimensional magnetic “spine” and “fan” reconnection solutions to provide flarelike energy release is discussed. It is pointed out, on the basis of exact analytic solutions, that fast dissipation is ...