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  • The future of wellbeing at tertiary institutions

    Weijers, Dan M. (2019)
    What would it take to create a tertiary institution that valued wellbeing second only to education? It would require a fully distributed, comprehensive, personalisable wellbeing programme with institution-wide buy-in and ...
  • Getting students to engage with readings

    Weijers, Dan M. (University of Waikato, 2017)
    Ever wondered how many of your students attempt or complete their readings? Ever worried that when students do attempt the readings that they fail to remember or even understand the important points? If we are to implement ...
  • Good friendships improve our lives. But can virtual friendships be good?

    Munn, Nicholas; Weijers, Dan M. (2021)
    Good friendships improve our lives. But philosophers, psychologists, and other social scientists disagree about the nature of friendship and the value of virtual friendships. Recent technological advances and global crises ...
  • Has the deceived businessman been deceiving philosophers?

    Weijers, Dan M. (2017)
    In the deceived businessman thought experiment, we are asked to imagine the lives of two businessmen, equal in net pleasant experiences, but unequal in the amount of deception. Both lives are experienced as equally happy ...
  • The International Journal of Wellbeing: An open access success story

    Weijers, Dan M.; Jarden, Aaron (Ubiquity Press, 2017)
    Academics have long had the advantage of access to university libraries and their expensive subscriptions to scholarly journals. Critics of traditional journal publishing have complained that placing science and scholarship ...