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  • Application of an analytical framework to describe young students' learning in technology

    Milne, Louise; Chambers, Megan; Moreland, Judy; Jones, Alister (Centre for Technology Education Research, Griffith University, 2002)
    This paper discusses a framework for describing and analysing how young students (5–6 years) learn in technology with a view towards enhancing teaching and learning practice in technology. Examples of student work which ...
  • Arnold Manaaki Wilson: Te Awakaunua

    Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia (Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, 2008)
    Arnold Manaaki Wilson was born in 1928, in Ruatoki, a community which nestles beneath the misty Taiarahia hills, following the curves of the Ohinemataroa river valley – known to others as of his tuhoe people. They know him ...
  • Ashton-Warner, Sylvia Constance

    Middleton, Sue (Ministry of Culture and Heritage, 2012)
    An overview of the life and career of Educationalist, teacher, writer Sylvia Constance Ashton-Warner.
  • Assessment digital smarts: Using short text assignment formats for enhancing student learning

    Earl Rinehart, (Suzanne) Kerry (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, 2015)
    Lecturers and course designers need to be smart about assignment design. This is particularly so when time constraints of lecturer workload and students’ other commitments impact on teaching and learning coverage of ...
  • Assessment in schools – Technology education and ICT

    Jones, Alister; Cowie, Bronwen; Moreland, Judy (Elsevier, 2010)
    People use technology to intervene in the world to expand their possibilities, applying both intellectual and practical resources. It encompasses more than information and communication technologies (ICTs). Technology is ...
  • Audiences, referees, and landscapes: Understanding the use of Māori and English in New Zealand dual language picturebooks through a sociolinguistic lens

    Daly, Nicola (Victoria University Press, 2017)
    When non-dominant perspectives are represented in children's literature, it is labelled multicultural, and this form of literature has much potential for altering existing power structures in society. Bishop (1990) first ...
  • Audio visual analysis of player experience: Feedback-based gameplay metrics

    Marczak, Raphaël; Schott, Gareth R. (ETC Press, 2015)
    This chapter introduces readers to an innovative method designed specifically to meet game researchers’ need to be able to analyse and explore players’ experiences with any off-the-shelf PC game. We introduce how insights ...
  • A bag of oranges and a communal lunch: Intra-action of matter and becoming

    Kotzé, Elmarie (Nova Science Publishers, 2018)
    In the chapter the author draws on new materialism and poststructuralism to write about becoming-subject. The author uses the notions of fluidity of the self, the (im)possibility of writing self and, at the same time, ...
  • Bagging ensemble selection

    Sun, Quan; Pfahringer, Bernhard (Springer, 2011)
    Ensemble selection has recently appeared as a popular ensemble learning method, not only because its implementation is fairly straightforward, but also due to its excellent predictive performance on practical problems. The ...
  • The baskets of knowledge: A curriculum for an indigenous psychology

    Waitoki, Waikaremoana (The New Zealand Psychological Society, 2016)
    Through the chapters in this book we have walked alongside Ripeka and her whānau. We have taken a journey into potentiality; that of Ripeka’s as well as our own. Our introduction to this book asked what would happen when ...
  • Becoming PBRF-able: Research assessment and education in New Zealand

    Middleton, Sue (Sense Publishers, 2009)
    It seems ironic that, designed as they are to quantify, evaluate and reward the research quantum of academic institutions, departments and individuals, research assessment exercises have themselves become objects of their ...
  • Benefits and issues: Visitor sessions with pre-intermediate learners of japanese

    Nishimura, Fumiko; Umeda, Keiko (Massey University Press, 2016)
    In recent years, the number of Japanese language students in tertiary institutions in New Zealand has gradually decreased (Ogino, 2015), and Japanese departments have experienced budget and staff cuts. As a consequence of ...
  • Beyond altruism: A case for compensated surrogate motherhood

    Walker, Ruth; van Zyl, Liezl (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)
    Commercial surrogacy is prohibited in many countries, and there are a number of convincing reasons why it should remain so. We accept the reasons, but argue that fairness requires that surrogates be compensated for their ...
  • Bicultural perspectives on Māori legal research

    Mackinnon, Jacquelin (LexisNexis NZ Limited, 2007)
    Increasingly, legal research projects undertaken at law school or in practice will involve Māori custom law and/or tikanga Māori.' The role of both Māori custom law and tikanga Māori is most evident in the work of the Māori ...
  • Bilingual Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand

    Hill, Richard Kenneth (Springer, 2017)
    Bilingual education in the context of New Zealand is now over 30 years old. The two largest linguistic minority groups involved in this type of education – the Indigenous Māori and Pasifika peoples of Samoan, Tongan, Cook ...
  • Biomass estimation of invasive fish

    Hicks, Brendan J.; Brijs, Jeroen; Daniel, Adam Joshua; Morgan, Dai K.J.; Ling, Nicholas (Lake Ecosystem Restoration New Zealand (LERNZ) & Department of Conservation, 2015)
    Invasive fish have a variety of effects on indigenous fish communities and freshwater ecosystems generally, and the magnitude of these effects is partly dependent on invasive fish biomass. For example, a koi carp biomass ...
  • Blue-lip'd cannibal ladies: The allure of the exotic in the illicit Resolution Journal of Gunner John Marra

    Ryan, Tom (Auckland Art Gallery, 2001)
    Discusses the history and content of the “Journal of the Resolution’s Voyage”, an unauthorized and illicitly published account of Cook’s second voyage of exploration in the Antipodes, by Gunner John Marra of the Resolution’s crew.
  • Borderline bodies

    Johnston, Lynda (Rowman and Littlefield, 2002)
    This chapter is about borders that are made and broken at gay pride parades. Specifically, I examine the discursive and material borders maintained in tourism discourse. Binary oppositions such as self/other, straight/gay, ...
  • Brexit and biobanking: GDPR perspectives

    Phillips, Andelka M.; Hervey, Tamara K. (SpringerCham, Switzerland, 2021)
    It is almost impossible to write a legal analysis of an event (Brexit) that has not happened and may never happen. This chapter nonetheless contributes to the edited collection in that it reports on the current legal ...
  • Carbon storage and DNA absorption in allophanic soils and paleosols

    Huang, Yu-Tuan; Lowe, David J.; Churchman, G. Jock; Schipper, Louis A.; Rawlence, Nicolas J.; Cooper, Alan (Springer, New York, 2014)
    Andisols and andic paleosols dominated by the nanocrystalline mineral allophane sequester large amounts of carbon (C), attributable mainly to its chemical bonding with charged hydroxyl groups on the surface of allophane ...