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  • Ta Moko: Culture, body modification, and the psychology of identity.

    Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia (Maori and Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato, 2003)
    This paper outlines the context of Ta Moko in the Māori world, and locates the practice in the Pacific, and in the twenty first century. It describes the resurgence of the practice, and comments on the aims of the Marsen ...
  • Ta moko: Maori tattoo

    Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia (Auckland Art Gallery; David Bateman, 1997)
    The author examines the history, technique and meaning of ta moko (Maori tattoo) from prehistory to modern times.
  • Tactical management of pasture fallows in western Australian cropping systems

    Doole, Graeme J.; Weetman, Ellen (Elsevier, 2009)
    Agricultural systems in the Western Australian wheatbelt are increasingly moving towards specialist crop production due to elevated cereal prices, depressed markets for livestock products, and ongoing labour scarcity. ...
  • Tag based models of English text

    Teahan, W.J.; Cleary, John G. (1997-11)
    The problem of compressing English text is important both because of the ubiquity of English as a target for compression and because of the light that compression can shed on the structure of English. English text is ...
  • Tag insertion complexity

    Yeates, Stuart Andrew; Witten, Ian H.; Bainbridge, David (IEEE Computer Society, 2001)
    This paper is about inferring markup information, a generalization of part-of-speech-tagging. We use compression models based on a marked-up training corpus and apply them to fresh, unmarked, text. In effect, this technique ...
  • Tailoring the Greenstone ‘Librarian’ for seniors: Eliciting metadata and browsing structures

    Cunningham, Sally Jo; Bennett, Erin Kay (Wiley, 2011)
    This paper describes a ‘cultural probe’ study underpinning a user-centered re-design of the Greenstone digital library system's collection creation sub-system (the Greenstone ‘Librarian’), with a focus on assisting seniors ...
  • The Taiwanese love motel – An escape from leisure constraints?

    Chang, Janet; Ryan, Chris; Tsai, Chen-Tsang(Simon); Wen, Hsuan-Ying(Sally) (Elsevier, 2011)
    The paper reports research derived from over 800 respondents who self-completed questionnaires while patronising love motels in the Taipei greater metropolitan region, Taiwan. The paper provides a brief history of Taiwanese ...
  • Taking a book off the shelf in a virtual library

    Cunningham, Sally Jo; Rogers, Bill; Kim, Jane (IEEE, 2017)
    We present the results of a small-scale study in which participants interacted with a physical book. Their book selection and book opening gestures provide design insights for the interface to a virtual reality library.
  • Taking ownership: The story of a successful partnership for change in a Pacific Island science teacher education setting.

    Edwards, Richard; Pita, Solomon; Porakari, James (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2011)
    This paper explores an example of a partnership approach that appears to be producing sustainable change in a Pacific Islands education setting. The people involved report on the way science education staff from the Solomon ...
  • Taking quality work to a new brilliance: Tama Ma on tour [Review]

    Crawford, Terri Ripeka (2009)
    Choreographers: Taiaroa Royal and Taane Mete; Douglas Wright; Michael Parmenter Okareka Dance Company at Telecom Playhouse Theatre, WEL Energy Trust Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton From 17 Jun 2009 to 20 Jun 2009 ...
  • Taking school contexts more seriously: The social justice challenge

    Thrupp, Martin; Lupton, Ruth (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2006)
    Research is increasingly highlighting the influence of school contexts on school processes and student achievement. This article reviews a range of social justice rationales for taking school contexts into better account, ...
  • Taking video cameras into the classroom.

    Otrel-Cass, Kathrin; Cowie, Bronwen; Maguire, Michael (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2010)
    Research into the communication and interactions in classrooms need to take the multimodal nature of classrooms into account. Video cameras can capture the dynamics of teaching and learning, but the use of videos for ...
  • Takitoru: creative practice toward the development of a trilingual dramaturgical kaupapa

    Lodge, Alexandra Rose Pittaway (The University of Waikato, 2020)
    I have focused on writing a play in the three languages of Aotearoa: New Zealand Sign Language, te reo Māori, and NZ English. Through the development of this script with three actors I have found techniques for performance ...
  • Taku Ara, Taku Mahara: Pākehā Family Experiences of Kaupapa Māori and Bilingual Education

    Barnes, Alexander Louis (University of Waikato, 2006)
    Kaupapa Māori (indigenous Māori-centred philosophies) initiatives have transformed various social, cultural and public projects in the domains of governance and constitutional issues, health, education, the environment, ...
  • Taku haumaru me te kurī - Te Reo Maori

    Carter, Jennifer; Swain, David (Department of Societies and Cultures, University of Waikato, 2008)
    This safety leaflet designed to target young children aged 5-6yrs will provide an age-appropriate understanding of how to avoid pet dog attacks which can injure, maim and even kill children. This research-based educational ...
  • Taku haumaru me te kurī: He aratohu mō te haumaru i waenga i te tamariki (8-9 pea ngā tau) me te kurī - Te Reo Maori

    Carter, Jennifer; Swain, David (Department of Societies and Cultures, University of Waikato, 2008)
    This safety booklet for older children (about 8-9yrs) will provide the best level of understanding of how to avoid pet dog attacks which can injure, maim and even kill children. This research-based educational resource ...
  • Taku Kuru Pounamu

    Pihama, Leonie; Greensill, Hineitimoana; Campbell, Donna; Te Nana, Rihi; Lee-Morgan, Jenny Bol Jun (Te Kotahi Research Institute, 2015)
    ‘Taku kuru pounamu’ (My precious adornment) is a whakataukī that speaks of a child who is loved and cherished by their whānau. It represents for us the essence of this publication, an expression of the collective wisdom ...
  • Taku manatawa, taku manapou. The learning of te reo Māori in adulthood: Perceptions of its contribution to overall wellbeing

    Rolleston, Jamie Huia (University of Waikato, 2015)
    Ko te tāhuhu o tēnei whare rangahau ko te toiora o te tangata. Ko te tūāpapa o te whare, ko te reo Māori. E toru ngā pou tūhono i te tāhuhu ki te papa, mō tēnei rangahau ko aua pou ko te oranga wairua, ko te oranga whānau, ...
  • Taku Manawa: Patterns of alternative health care practices in Aotearoa/New Zealand

    Whangapirita, Laura (Maori and Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato, 2003)
    Currently, there are an increased number of Māori people seeking alternative solutions to their health needs. The use of Rongoa Māori is not just an alternative health practice, but also a traditional one, making the ...
  • Taku Rāta Tūtahi (composed 28 Oct 2013)

    Maxwell, Te Kahautu (2014)
    Taku Rāta Tūtahi is a lament dedicated to my daughter Kaaterina Ataria Ariha Maxwell who passed away suddenly on the 23 March 2013. This composition talks about the pain of a father for his daughter and how at times life ...