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  • Active templates: Manipulating pointers with pictures

    Lyons, Paul J.; Apperley, Mark; Bishop, A.G.; Moretti, G.S (1994)
    Active templates are a semi-automatic visual mechanism for generating algorithms for manipulating pointer-based data structures. The programmer creates a picture showing the affected part of a data structure before and ...
  • Browsing tree structures

    Apperley, Mark; Spence, Robert; Hodge, Stephen; Chester, Michael (Computer Science, University of Waikato, 1999-05)
    Graphic representations of tree structures are notoriously difficult to create, display, and interpret, particularly when the volume of information they contain, and hence the number of nodes, is large. The problem of ...
  • Casual mobile screen sharing

    Suppers, Joris; Apperley, Mark (CRPIT, 2014)
    The concept of casual screen sharing is that multiple users can cast screen images from their personal hand-held devices on to a large shared local screen. It has applications in personal and business domains where documents ...
  • Computer-aided sketching to capture preliminary design

    Plimmer, Beryl; Apperley, Mark (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2002)
    This paper describes the vital role of freehand sketching in the design process. When designers first tackle a design problem they usually do so by sketching. We will explore the essential elements of sketching that make ...
  • Delivering the Maori-language newspapers on the Internet

    Apperley, Mark; Keegan, Te Taka Adrian Gregory; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Witten, Ian H. (Auckland University Press, Auckland, New Zealand, 2002)
    Although any collection of historical newspapers provides a particularly rich and valuable record of events and social and political commentary, the content tends to be difficult to access and extremely time-consuming to ...