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  • Characterizations of Pacific Island people in the New Zealand press

    Loto, Robert; Hodgetts, Darrin; Nikora, Linda Waimarie; Chamberlain, Kerry; Karapu, Rolinda; Barnett, Alison Reremoana (2005)
    Researchers have documented how ethnic minorities are often disadvantaged in mainstream media coverage, which function to silence minority voices and to privilege majority voices. Such representational practices have very ...
  • Child poverty and government policy: the contesting of symbolic power in newspaper constructions of families in need

    Barnett, Alison Reremoana; Hodgetts, Darrin; Nikora, Linda Waimarie; Chamberlain, Kerry; Karapu, Rolinda (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2007)
    News media play a central role in processes of symbolic power through which social issues are defined and solutions legitimized. This paper explores the role of newspaper coverage in the public construction of the New ...
  • Child poverty and media advocacy in aotearoa

    Barnett, Alison Reremoana (The University of Waikato, 2006)
    New Zealand has one of the worst rates of child poverty in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Research has shown that modern mass media provide a mediated cultural forum through which policy ...
  • Interpreting & practicing kaupapa Māori research in a community setting: The in’s and out’s

    Thompson, Keri; Barnett, Alison Reremoana (Maori and Psychology Research Unit, University of Waikato, 2008)
    Pou Tuia Rangahau is a unique community based research unit based within a kaupapa Māori organisation. Kaupapa Māori methodologies are utilised, with the importance of these methodologies being that Māori are defining the ...
  • Media psychology, symbolic power and social justice in Aotearoa

    Hodgetts, Darrin; Barnett, Alison Reremoana; Duirs, Andrew; Henry, Jolene; Schwanen, Anni (2004-11-19)
    Psychologists reside in a world saturated by media. We work in professional contexts where guidelines for practice foreground ethical obligations to address issues of social justice. This paper addresses both these contextual ...