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  • Completeness, conservation and error in SPH for fluids

    Vaughan, G.L.; Healy, Terry R.; Bryan, Karin R.; Sneyd, Alfred D.; Gorman, R.M. (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2008)
    Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) is becoming increasingly common in the numerical simulation of complex fluid flows and an understanding of the errors is necessary. Recent advances have established techniques for ...
  • Instability of a plane conducting free surface submitted to an alternating magnetic field

    Fautrelle, Y.; Sneyd, Alfred D. (1998)
    This paper considers the stability of a horizontal liquid-metal free surface in the presence of a horizontal alternating magnetic field. A weak formulation is used to derive a generalized Mathieu–Hill equation for the ...
  • Magnetic flux braiding: Force-free equilibria and current sheets

    Longbottom, A.W.; Rickard, G.J.; Craig, Ian J.D.; Sneyd, Alfred D. (1998-06)
    We use a numerical, nonlinear, multigrid magnetic relaxation technique to investigate the generation of current sheets in three-dimensional magnetic flux braiding experiments. We are able to catalog the relaxed nonlinear ...
  • Nonlinear development of the kink instability in coronal flux tubes

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Sneyd, Alfred D. (1990)
    Solar prominences and flares are believed to be caused by rapid release of magnetic energy stored in coronal magnetic fields. Recent studies of the linear phase of ideal MHD instabilities has shown that energy release is ...
  • The response of a floating ice sheet to an accelerating line load

    Miles, J.; Sneyd, Alfred D. (Cambridge University Press, 2003)
    The two-dimensional response of a thin, floating sheet of ice to a line load that accelerates from rest at $t = 0$ to a uniform velocity V for $t \geq T$ is determined through an integral-transform solution of the linearized ...