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  • Accounting for the costs of recruiting and training

    Twiname, Linda J.; Samujh, Helen; Rae, S (2011-06-27)
    We investigate the investments made by accounting firms into recruiting and training new employees into entry-level positions. This includes developing a model to capture both the direct and indirect investments/ costs ...
  • Could action research provide the key to true workplace collaboration?

    Twiname, Linda J. (Baywood Publishing Co, 2008)
    Management practices that serve principles of "efficiency" and "effectiveness" in the capitalist understanding of such notions have generated work practices that purport to empower employees under the guise of employee ...
  • Credit guarantee schemes supporting small enterprise development: A review

    Samujh, Helen; Twiname, Linda J.; Reutemann, Jody (University of Malaya, 2012)
    Access to finance has become increasingly difficult, particularly for new and service-based industries without tangible assets to use as security. Globally, credit guarantee schemes (CGS) are seen as important instruments ...
  • Flexibility on whose terms?

    Twiname, Linda J.; Humphries, Maria; Kearins, Kate (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2006)
    Purpose – As part of an ongoing project on worker well-being, this paper aims to examine the application of flexible work arrangements through the experiences of core workers in a small, European-owned, New Zealand ...
  • In search of well-being in the workplace: Exploring the emancipatory potential of participatory action research

    Twiname, Linda J. (The University of Waikato, 2005)
    The co-optation of employee empowerment discourses by organisations seeking to maximise performance have been argued to contribute to the intensification of control rather than enhancing real employee participation in ...