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  • Aerial conflicts: Drone regulation and gaps in spatial protection

    Wallace, Philippa Jane (Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand Inc., 2016)
    Drones have undoubtedly arrived in New Zealand landscapes, but less apparent is that adequate regulatory responses have accompanied them. The purpose of this article is to examine the adequacy of New Zealand law and policy ...
  • Aeroconservation – Challenges for law and policy

    Wallace, Philippa Jane; Holman, Jennifer (Thomson Reuters, 2019)
    Airspace conservation (aeroconservation) is a relative latecomer to ecosystem management, despite intensifying threats to birds, bats and invertebrates in the habitat. This article demonstrates the geographies of threats ...
  • Boundaries of absolute protection: distribution of benefit and harm to birds through law and planning in New Zealand

    Wallace, Philippa Jane (University of Waikato, 2014)
    Endemic birds in New Zealand are under threat, and increasingly so, as human activity reshapes the land, reconstitutes the water, consumes space and resources and alters faunal composition. The decline of biodiversity is ...
  • Does New Zealand law protect organic production?

    Wallace, Philippa Jane (The University of Waikato, 2004)
    The primary focus of this thesis is to examine the extent to which New Zealand law enables effects of activities to be controlled for the purpose of preserving the integrity of an organic farm. In particular the thesis ...
  • Keeping pace with technology: drones, disturbance and policy deficiency

    Wallace, Philippa Jane; Martin, Ross; White, Iain (Taylor & Francis Group, 2017)
    This paper analyses regulatory responses to rapid intensification of the use of drones/remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) in the context of wildlife protection. Benefits and disadvantages of the technology to wildlife are ...