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  • A new approach to fitting linear models in high dimensional spaces

    Wang, Yong (The University of Waikato, 2000)
    This thesis presents a new approach to fitting linear models, called “pace regression”, which also overcomes the dimensionality determination problem. Its optimality in minimizing the expected prediction loss is theoretically ...
  • Clustering with finite data from semi-parametric mixture distributions

    Wang, Yong; Witten, Ian H. (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Waikato, 1999-11)
    Existing clustering methods for the semi-parametric mixture distribution perform well as the volume of data increases. However, they all suffer from a serious drawback in finite-data situations: small outlying groups of ...
  • Induction of model trees for predicting continuous classes

    Wang, Yong; Witten, Ian H. (1996-10)
    Many problems encountered when applying machine learning in practice involve predicting a "class" that takes on a continuous numeric value, yet few machine learning schemes are able to do this. This paper describes a ...
  • Modeling for optimal probability prediction

    Wang, Yong; Witten, Ian H. (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., 2002)
    We present a general modelling method for optimal probability prediction over future observations, in which model dimensionality is determined as a natural by-product. This new method yields several estimators, and we ...
  • Pace Regression

    Wang, Yong; Witten, Ian H. (Computer Science, University of Waikato, 1999-09)
    This paper articulates a new method of linear regression, “pace regression”, that addresses many drawbacks of standard regression reported in the literature-particularly the subset selection problem. Pace regression improves ...