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  • Fatigue, work-rest cycles, and psychomotor performance of New Zealand truck drivers

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Baas, Peter H. (2006)
    The goal of the present research programme was to find out how common driver fatigue is among New Zealand truck drivers and the degree to which they suffer from fatigue-related effects on their driving performance. To that ...
  • Forgotten or never consciously processed? A comparison of immediate and delayed recall of driving details

    Richards, Devin S.; Charlton, Samuel G. (Elsevier BV, 2020)
    After driving a familiar route, people often have a poor memory of the drive. To investigate how quickly people forget information from an everyday drive we asked participants (n = 38) to take a 20-min simulated drive on ...
  • Influencing driver behaviour through road marking

    Baas, Peter H.; Charlton, Samuel G. (2005)
    This paper will describe how road marking can be used to influence driver behaviour in order to improve road safety and traffic flows. Extensive use will be made of examples from recent research undertaken by the authors ...
  • Mobile phone use while driving after a new national law in New Zealand

    Starkey, Nicola J.; Wilson, N.; Charlton, Samuel G.; Thomson, G.; Group, B. (ACRS, 2013-08-28)
    Mobile phone use while driving leads to impairments in driver performance including slowed reaction times, poor lane keeping and reduced hazard detection. To increase public safety, in 2009 the New Zealand (NZ) Government ...
  • Mode choice and mode commitment in commuters

    Sivasubramaniyam, Rathee Dewi; Charlton, Samuel G.; Sargisson, Rebecca J. (Elsevier, 2020)
    In New Zealand, like many other developed countries, a majority of trips (67%) involve the use of private cars, producing negative effects on the environment and public health. Interventions aimed to reduce car use can be ...