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  • Quality, quantity, and nutritional impacts of rice price changes in Vietnam

    Gibson, John; Kim, Bonggeun (Elsevier, 2013)
    Asian governments intervene in the world rice market to protect domestic consumers. Whether consumers are nutritionally vulnerable depends on the elasticity of calories with respect to rice prices. Common demand models ...
  • Spatial correlation in household choices in rural Indonesia

    Gibson, John; Kim, Bonggeun; Olivia, Susan (Wiley, 2011-09)
    Many household choices in developing economies are correlated with choices of nearby households, because nearby locations have unobserved factors in common and households and their neighbors interact. However, models ...
  • Time to vote?

    Gibson, John; Kim, Bonggeun; Stillman, Steven; Boe-Gibson, Geua (Springer, 2012)
    Despite the centrality of voting costs to the paradox of voting, little effort has been made to measure these costs accurately, outside of a few spatially limited case studies. In this paper, we apply Geographic Information ...
  • Using panel data to exactly estimate under-reporting by the self-employed

    Kim, Bonggeun; Gibson, John; Chung, Chul (2008-10)
    The income of the self-employed is often assumed to be understated in economic statistics. Debate exists about the extent of under-reporting and the resulting measures of the size of the underground economy. This paper ...