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  • Development and application of large interactive display surfaces

    Apperley, Mark; Dahlberg, Barry; Jeffries, Amos; Paine, Lance; Phillips, Malcolm; Rogers, Bill (2001)
    Recent hardware developments have made possible the construction of relatively inexpensive large interactive display surfaces (LIDS). We have built prototype systems with office whiteboard sized displays using off-the-shelf ...
  • The effect of group size and communication modes in CSCW environments

    Masoodian, Masood; Apperley, Mark (IEEE Computer Society, 2006)
    An earlier study by M. Masoodian et al. (1995) has examined the impact of different human-to-human communication modes on computer supported work involving groups of two people. Based on the findings of this study an ...
  • Evaluting a sketch environment for novice programmers

    Plimmer, Beryl; Apperley, Mark (ACM Press, 2003)
    This paper describes the evaluation of an electronic sketch interface design tool for novice programmers. A comparative study was undertaken with small groups using two different shared space environments; a conventional ...
  • Facilitating multiple copy/past operations

    Apperley, Mark; Baker, Jay; Fletcher, Dale; Rogers, Bill (Computer of Waikato, 1999-05)
    Copy and paste, or cut and paste, using a clipboard or paste buffer has long been the principle facility provided to users for transferring data between and within GUI applications. We argue that this mechanism can be ...
  • FilmGrain

    Simmons, Rowan; Apperley, Mark; Soo, Chin-En Keith (2019)
    Films are an integral part of our cultural zeitgeist, as time goes on, they have become more than entertainment, they have become a mirror that we point at ourselves in order to explore issues and our position in the world. ...