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  • Ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival in New Zealand: which factors contribute?

    Tin Tin, Sandar; Elwood, J. Mark; Brown, Charis; Sarfati, Diana; Campbell, Ian; Scott, Nina; Ramsaroop, Reena; Seneviratne, Sanjeewa; Harvey, Vernon; Lawrenson, Ross (BioMed central, 2018)
    Background: New Zealand has major ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival with Maori (indigenous people) and Pacific women (immigrants or descended from immigrants from Pacific Islands) faring much worse than other ...
  • Methods of a national colorectal cancer cohort study: the PIPER Project

    Firth, Melissa; Sharples, Katrina J.; Hinder, Victoria A.; Macapagal, Jerome; Sarfati, Diana; Derret, Sarah L.; Hill, Andrew G.; Brown, Charis; Reid, Papaarangi M.J.; Lawrenson, Ross; Atmore, Carol; Keating, John P.; Jeffery, Mark; Secker, Adrian H.; DeGroot, Charles; Jackson, Christopher G.C.A.; Findlay, Michael P.N. (New Zealand Medical Association, 2016)
    A national study looking at bowel cancer in New Zealand has previously been completed (the PIPER Project). The study included 5,610 patients and collected medical information about how each person was found to have bowel ...
  • Pacific Consumer Acculturation in New Zealand: Understanding the dynamics of consumption using video diaries

    Brown, Charis (University of Waikato, 2010)
    New Zealand, the land of milk and honey, is the „dream‟ of many Pacific people. Expectations of New Zealand were high as Pacific people dreamt of „the better life‟ from migrated family members who retold their experiences ...
  • Spirals of distrust vs spirals of trust in retail customer service: consumers as victims or allies

    Friend, Lorraine A.; Costley, Carolyn L.; Brown, Charis (Emerald, 2010)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine “nasty” retail shopping experiences. The paper aims to consider implications of distrust related to theft control measures in retail customer service. Design/methodology/approach ...
  • Urban Rural Differences in Breast Cancer in New Zealand

    Lawrenson, Ross; Lao, Chunhuan; Elwood, Mark; Brown, Charis; Sarfati, Diana; Campbell, Ian (MDPI AG, 2016)
    Many rural communities have poor access to health services due to a combination of distance from specialist services and a relative shortage of general practitioners. Our aims were to compare the characteristics of urban ...