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  • SHCal04 Southern Hemisphere Calibration, 0–11.0 cal kyr BP

    McCormac, F.G.; Hogg, Alan G.; Blackwell, Paul G.; Buck, Caitlin E.; Higham, Thomas F.G.; Reimer, Paula J. (University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences, 2004)
    Recent measurements on dendrochronologically-dated wood from the Southern Hemisphere have shown that there are differences between the structural form of the radiocarbon calibration curves from each hemisphere. Thus, it ...
  • SHCal13 Southern Hemisphere calibration, 0–50,000 years cal BP

    Hogg, Alan G.; Hua, Quan; Blackwell, Paul G.; Niu, Mu; Buck, Caitlin E.; Guilderson, Thomas P.; Heaton, Timothy J.; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Reimer, Paula J.; Reimer, Ron W.; Turney, Chris S.M.; Zimmerman, Susan R. H. (The University of Arizona, 2013)
    The Southern Hemisphere SHCal04 radiocarbon calibration curve has been updated with the addition of new data sets extending measurements to 2145 cal BP and including the ANSTO Younger Dryas Huon pine data set. Outside the ...