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  • Airborne bacterial populations above desert soils of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

    Bottos, Eric M.; Woo, Anthony C.; Zawar-Reza, Peyman; Pointing, Stephen B.; Cary, S. Craig (Springer, 2014-01)
    Bacteria are assumed to disperse widely via aerosolized transport due to their small size and resilience. The question of microbial endemicity in isolated populations is directly related to the level of airborne exogenous ...
  • Airborne microbial transport limitation to isolated Antarctic soil habitats

    Archer, Stephen David James; Lee, Kevin C.; Caruso, Tancredi; Maki, Teruya; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Cary, S. Craig; Cowan, Don A.; Maestre, Fernando T.; Pointing, Stephen B. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
    Dispersal is a critical yet poorly understood factor underlying macroecological patterns in microbial communities1. Airborne microbial transport is assumed to occupy a central role in determining dispersal outcomes2,3, and ...
  • Ancient origins determine global biogeography of hot and cold desert cyanobacteria

    Bahl, Justin; Lau, Maggie C.Y.; Smith, Gavin J.D.; Vijaykrishna, Dhanasekaran; Cary, S. Craig; Lacap, Donnabella C.; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Papke, Thane; Warren-Rhodes, Kimberley A.; Wong, Fiona K.Y.; McKay, Christopher P.; Pointing, Stephen B. (Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2010)
    Factors governing large-scale spatio-temporal distribution of microorganisms remain unresolved, yet are pivotal to understanding ecosystem value and function. Molecular genetic analyses have focused on the influence of ...
  • At limits of life: Multidisciplinary insights reveal environmental constraints on biotic diversity in Continental Antarctica

    Magalhães, Catarina M.; Stevens, Mark I.; Cary, S. Craig; Ball, Becky A.; Storey, Bryan; Wall, Diana H.; Türk, Roman; Ruprecht, Ulrike (Public Library of Science, 2012)
    Multitrophic communities that maintain the functionality of the extreme Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems, while the simplest of any natural community, are still challenging our knowledge about the limits to life on earth. ...
  • Bacterial diversity in three different antarctic cold desert mineral soils

    Smith, Jacques J.; Tow, Lemese Ah; Stafford, William; Cary, S. Craig; Cowan, Don A. (Springer, 2006)
    A bacterial phylogenetic survey of three environmentally distinct Antarctic Dry Valley soil biotopes showed a high proportion of so-called “uncultured” phylotypes, with a relatively low diversity of identifiable phylotypes. ...