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  • Drivers’ response to speed warnings provided by a smart phone app

    Starkey, Nicola J.; Charlton, Samuel G.; Malhotra, Neha; Lehtonen, Esko (2020)
    The distractive effects of mobile phones are well documented, but the recent development of mobile phone apps that provide speed advisory warnings raises the possibility that this technology may be used to improve driver ...
  • Driving on familiar roads: Automaticity and inattention blindness

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Starkey, Nicola J. (Elsevier, 2013)
    This paper describes our research into the processes that govern driver attention and behavior in familiar, well-practiced situations. The experiment examined the effects of extended practice on inattention blindness and ...
  • Driving while conversing: Cell phones that distract and passengers who react

    Charlton, Samuel G. (Elsevier, 2009)
    The research systematically compared the driving performance and conversational patterns of drivers speaking with in-car passengers, hands-free cell phones, and remote passengers who could see the driver's current driving ...
  • Driving without awareness: The effects of practice and automaticity on attention and driving

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Starkey, Nicola J. (2011)
    This research examined the development of proceduralised “driving without awareness” in a driving simulator by paying participants to drive a simulated road regularly over 12 weeks of testing. This longitudinal research ...
  • The effectiveness of delineation treatments

    Charlton, Samuel G.; Baas, Peter H.; Towler, Joanna (Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia, 2005)
    A literature review undertaken for Transit NZ has found that delineation has a significant effect on driver behaviour with, for example, shoulder rumble strips reducing run-off-theroad crashes by between 22% and 80% (average ...