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  • Exposing students to the potential and risks of stakeholder engagement when teaching sustainability: A classroom exercise

    Collins, Eva Marie; Kearins, Kate (Sage Publications, 2007)
    In-class, stakeholder negotiation exercises are proposed as a means of students experiencing and reflecting critically on the potential and the risks of an increasingly popular mechanism for advancing sustainability—stakeholder ...
  • Grounded learning from a strategy case competition

    Corner, Patricia; Bowden, Stephen; Clark, Delwyn N.; Collins, Eva Marie; Gibb, Jenny L.; Kearins, Kate (Sage Publications, 2006)
    This article describes a case competition that reflects the four elements of a grounded learning exercise. These elements include creating a real-world experience, optimizing learning transfer, integrating theory and ...
  • Making sense of ecopreneurs' decisions to sell up

    Kearins, Kate; Collins, Eva Marie (Wiley, 2011)
    This article examines the phenomenon of values-based firms being sold to larger mainstream firms. Its focus is on the sensemaking rationale offered by a New Zealand ecopreneur who sold an organic beverage company after ...
  • Sustainability practices of SMEs: the case of NZ

    Lawrence, Stewart R.; Collins, Eva Marie; Pavlovich, Kathryn; Arunachalam, Murugesh (2006)
    While individually small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) may have small social, environmental and financial impacts, cumulatively their impact is significant. One of the fundamental questions is how a single economic ...
  • Sustainability practices: trends in New Zealand businesses

    Collins, Eva Marie; Roper, Juliet; Lawrence, Stewart R. (John Wiley & Sons, 2010-12)
    This paper reports on the sustainability practices of New Zealand businesses based on two national surveys and a series of focus groups and interviews. There was an average increase of 10% in the number of companies adopting ...