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  • The matching law

    Poling, Alan; Edwards, Timothy L.; Weeden, Marc A.; Foster, T. Mary (Southern Illinois University, 2011)
    This article introduces the quantitative analysis of choice behavior by describing a number of equations developed over the years to describe the relation between the allocation of behavior under concurrent schedules of ...
  • Motivating operations and stimulus control

    Edwards, Timothy L.; Lotfizadeh, Amin D.; Poling, Alan (Wiley, 2019)
    The motivating operations concept has generated substantial conceptual analysis and research interest. Following an analysis of how motivating operations affect behavior, one which emphasizes the interactive role of ...
  • The nuts and bolts of scent detection

    Edwards, Timothy L. (2015)
    In this tutorial, the basic requirements and ideal conditions for successfully training, evaluating, and deploying animals for scent-detection tasks will be outlined. Fundamental chemical and environmental factors that ...
  • Reproducibility of African giant pouched rats detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    Ellis, Haylee Maree; Mulder, Christiaan; Valverde, Emilio; Poling, Alan; Edwards, Timothy L. (2017)
    Background: African pouched rats sniffing sputum samples provided by local clinics have significantly increased tuberculosis case findings in Tanzania and Mozambique. The objective of this study was to determine the ...
  • Rethinking motivating operations: A reply to commentaries on Edwards, Lotfizadeh, and Poling (2019)

    Edwards, Timothy L.; Lotfizadeh, Amin D.; Poling, Alan (Wiley, 2019)
    As we acknowledged in our initial article (Edwards, Lotfizadeh, & Poling, 2019), the MO concept as popularized by Michael and his supporters, which we hereafter call the “current” concept, has served behavior analysts ...