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  • Enzyme activity and flexibility at very low hydration

    Kurkal, Vandana; Daniel, Roy M.; Finney, John L.; Tehei, Moeava; Dunn, Rachel V.; Smith, Jeremy C. (Biophysical Society, 2005-05)
    Recent measurements have demonstrated enzyme activity at hydrations as low as 3%. This raises the question of whether hydration-induced enzyme flexibility is important for activity. Here, to address this, picosecond dynamic ...
  • Enzyme activity below the dynamical transition at 220 K

    Daniel, Roy M.; Smith, Jeremy C.; Ferrand, Michel; Hery, Stephanie; Dunn, Rachel V.; Finney, John L. (1998-11)
    Enzyme activity requires the activation of anharmonic motions, such as jumps between potential energy wells. However, in general, the forms and time scales of the functionally important anharmonic dynamics coupled to motion ...
  • Enzyme Dynamics and Activity: Time-Scale Dependence of Dynamical Transitions in Glutamate Dehydrogenase Solution

    Daniel, Roy M.; Finney, John L.; Reat, Valerie; Dunn, Rachel V.; Smith, Jeremy C. (1999-10)
    We have examined the temperature dependence of motions in a cryosolution of the enzyme glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) and compared these with activity. Dynamic neutron scattering was performed with two instruments of different ...
  • Introduction

    Daniel, Roy M.; Finney, John L.; Stoneham, Marshall (The Royal Society, 2004)
    It is generally taken for granted that water is essential for life. Looking for water on Mars has been a preoccupation for decades, and there are an infinite number of meetings on the general topic of ‘water in biology’. ...
  • Low frequency enzyme dynamics as a function of temperature and hydration: A neutron scattering study

    Kurkal, Vandana; Daniel, Roy M.; Finney, John L.; Tehei, M.; Dunn, Rachel V.; Smith, Jeremy C. (Elsevier, 2005)
    The effect of hydration and temperature on the low-frequency dynamics of the enzyme Pig liver esterase has been investigated with incoherent neutron scattering experiments. The results suggest that at low temperature, ...