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  • Running the race: Competition discourse and broadband growth in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Ganesh, Shiv; Zorn, Theodore E. (Sage, 2011-07)
    The objective of this study is to understand key aspects of contemporary discourse surrounding telecommunications development in Aotearoa New Zealand after the privatization of telecommunications in the late 1980s. We ...
  • The silent community: Organizing zones in the digital divide

    Ganesh, Shiv; Barber, Kirsty F. (2009)
    This article is a critical interrogation of scholarship on digital divides as it pertains to development in the so-called `Third World'. The article proceeds by identifying three problematic assumptions of extant research ...
  • Volunteering and professionalization: Trends in tension?

    Ganesh, Shiv; McAllum, Kirstie (Sage, 2011)
    The last several decades have witnessed the proliferation and popularity of volunteering both as a means for individuals to connect with social issues and as a way of sustaining nonprofit organizations; indeed, it dominates ...
  • Well-being as discourse: Potentials and problems for studies of organizing and health inequalities

    Ganesh, Shiv; McAllum, Kirstie (Sage, 2010)
    The sustained global popularity, prevalence, and influence of the term wellbeing are manifest in the definition of health offered by the World Health Organization since 1948: “A state of complete physical, mental and social ...
  • Why Facebook doesn’t cause protests

    Ganesh, Shiv (National Communication Association, 2011-04)
    Anyone who has followed the recent spate of political unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere could be forgiven for thinking that a full-scale global revolution is underway, caused by digital social networking tools such ...