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  • Lakes

    Lowe, David J.; Green, John D. (Longman Paul, 1992-01-01)
    Lakes have always held an aesthetic fascination for people; they figure prominently in both art and literature and have even been endowed with spiritual qualities. For example, the nineteenth century American writer Henry ...
  • The lore of lakes

    Green, John D.; Lowe, David J. (1992)
    Studies of lakes and their many layers of silt and sediment can tell us a great deal, from centuries-old deforestation practices to the climate changes over thousands of years. The study of the history of lake ecosystems ...
  • Origins and development of the lakes

    Lowe, David J.; Green, John D. (New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1987)
    Because of a turbulent and complex recent geological history, New Zealand has an impressively diverse and dynamic landscape, and a correspondingly wide array of lake types, within a small land area (Irwin 1975a; Soons & ...
  • Palaeolimnological studies on Lake Maratoto, North Island, New Zealand

    Green, John D. (Kyoto University, 1979)
    The Middle Waikato (or Hamilton) Basin is a promising area for studies of the postglacial history of Northern New Zealand. The major geomorphological features of the basin were developed in the last 40,000 years, mainly ...
  • Palaeolimnology in New Zealand

    Green, John D.; Lowe, David J. (1992)
    The study of lakes has attracted many scientists over the years and those who specialise in attempting to understand the complex workings of the entire lake ecosystem are now known as limnologists (Wetzel 1983). Most of ...